Oceans mini clone grow

Decided to take my clone that took off like a rocket in about 7 days and topped her and put her outdoors in a mix of about 80% manure, 15% perlite and 5% black gold soil…

This is not meant to really grow and produce, I just wanted to test a primary manure grow but didn’t wanna waste a seed…I have no clue what the strain is as I took it while doing a defoliation of my main girls.


That’ll be another 1-3 lbs

Lol I’m just gonna kinda see what happens, expectations are low but you never know

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What kind of manure, and how rotted is it?

Following along

Bagged Cow, and it has been outside for a while…I usually spread it in my raised veggie garden when I turn the soil, and this is what was left of a 2cf bag…just needed to clean up my storage and decided to see what would happen instead of throwing the clone away, so I have 0 expectations

3 days later:

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I have no idea why ima do if this thing just happens to take off…even tho it’s legal 3 of my neighbors are cops, and they spend a lot of time over hanging out… but hey know I have a room and like to see it often, and have even offered advice :joy::joy::joy: the law is it has to be “out of public view” so I spose I’ll build a wall lmao