Observations from 1st grow and 1st harvest (outdoor grow)

Ok , my first harvest and first cure is done. 1 Gorilla Glue 4 & 1 Girl Scout. (outdoor grow in 20 gal pots)
these were two pampered plants from the start to end.
one was a wet trim and one was a dry trim after they were cut. cured in a dry dark room with a dehumidifier at about 55-60% at about 65 degrees.

  1. I have bought some San Fernando valley og Kush and some og fire from out west, but my weed smelled nothing like the two I just mentioned and maybe these were grown indoors. I was looking for that skunk pine smell, but that smell kinda went away. I’ve jarred these two but no skunk smell at all,
    The buds were large and the high pretty awesome, Is this what you should expect from outdoor grow?

The smell either disappears or turns grassy and hay-like, soon after chop for many growers. Curing properly will change that dramatically. I’m really new, so this just my experience. Some put in paper bags for 48hrs before cure. I have chopped 2 GSCE’s, from ILGM. First had a 4 day dry (1.5oz dry) and went straight to Grove bags and never really smelled great even after a month. After a 5 day dry, I put my second, 3.1 dry oz, in a small box with some lightly crumbled paper for 2 days. It’s been curing for almost two weeks and smells better every day. No question about the aroma matching the strain with it. Potent AF too!

Everybody does a little different. I’m just saying what I did, and it worked fairly well. Good luck and happy growing!!!

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thank you very much for the info. Ill hold the course for now and see what happens.

Well first of all if you wanted Skunk you went the wrong direction. Try ILGM Super Skunk indoor. You said your buds were big and the high was awesome so I assume you just are not happy with the smell.

Choose the right strain that makes the smells you desire and you will be happy! :v:

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Yup! The smells come around after or later in curing… if cured properly. The Grove Bags are awesome