Oak's White Widow Trio

Okay,…three ILGM WWA… soaked sunday at 3pm,…added to soil Monday at 3pm… first sprout (Eager) Wednesday morning,…second sprout(Tiny) Wednesday noon,…third sprout(Bertha) Wednesday evening… Bertha was the largest seed by far and I accidently planted her about an inch deep…so she came out pretty strong.

Bertha and Eager at one week…added super thrive to all three

Eager today, two weeks from sprout

Bertha today, two weeks from sprout

Tiny today, two weeks from sprout.

all three girls are showing pistils today…maybe it is due to light schedule?? Each are under 100 watts of cfl at the moment and I was showing signs of too much light…could not find a good sweet spot so I put them on 18/6 at ten days old… a bit soon but they appear to be doing well…
they have been getting sprayed a few times, three times a day for the most part but the past four days I have also given them 5 ounces of water twice, two days apart…
Today I took a leap and gave each of them a solid pint… been battling high temps in my grow area and it showed in a curled tip on Bertha this morning…so I hit them tonight with a heavier watering…lets see what it does.
I like what I am seeing so far…even with these cfl’s my girls appear to be doing pretty well… Eager stretched a little then fell over when I sprayed her the other day…I let her stay over and I am going to use that lean to do some LST on her.
They are in FFOF and the top two inches is FFOF mixed with MG moisture control…20% added perlite throughout…so far the soil is staying loose and appears to dry/drain pretty well.
I ordered two MarsHydro 300w LED’s and they are due to arrive on Friday so I will be switching out the lights. Seriously considering rigging a jig so I can use these CFL’s as side lighting, then just turn the plants once a day or something.


went out to check on my girls this morning and got a surprise… smell…at two weeks old… not sweet and danky, smells like home grown leaf at the moment but you can actually smell them from 4 feet away… I am going to have to order that tent and filter system sooner than I though


That’s my fear, hopefully my NL won’t smell too bad til I get my allowance lmao.
Looks good bud

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okay… my two new MarsHydro 300w LED’s came in today right on schedule. Girls are 16 days old, firmly set in veg now…Installed new lights and pinned down eager to get her LST officially started. Checked on them about an hour or so after changing lights and so far they appear to be responding well to the new lights… lights are set at 14 inches above canopy…was worried this may be too close but no bad reactions so far. will check again before I head to bed in another hour or so just to be safe… hoping to get it dialed in because the ol’lady scheduled a family outing at some “Horse camp” next weekend and I cant take my girls up to the cabin with me, lol… don’t really want to go…they don’t even have anything up there to watch football on… but it is only Friday afternoon through sunday evening so I guess I will survive it…slightly worried about leaving my girls alone for 2 1/2 days when they are only gonna be three weeks old… but they have been strong so far.


it is amazing how quickly things change with these autos. Just a couple days ago my girls started to emit odor for the first time but it was not really a good odor…had that smell of “Homegrown” from back in the day when your buddy tried to grow and ended up harvesting leaf…you remember, that stuff that always gave you a headache…
anyhow…today, the scent has changed a bit…it is still faint and can only be smelled from 4 or 5 feet away when the fan is on… but the scent has shifted to a pungent sweetness…actually smells a bit like buds and they wont be three weeks old until Wednesday. These things surprise me, lol…
gonna need to order that tent with filtration system pretty soon I am sure the scent will get stronger.

Raised the LED’s about 2 inches as it appeared I was getting some light toxicity…greying on smaller leaves and my one weak fan leaf had one finger curl under a bit…raised lights, misted the girls…planning to water tonight…considering bumping up to a full quart for this watering…and input on that?? they lok just like the most recent pics but with more undergrowth…is a quart too much?


Idk but I’ve been watching you and ktrees and all other guys on here. Y’all are crazy good just hope I can become an awesome grower like yall

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I appreciate the compliment… but I am not in the same league as Treez and these other guys. This is my first grow since like 1984… but I have been studying my ass off the past couple months to try and help myself get it right, lol… at $10 per seed I really don’t want to make too many mistakes if you know what I mean.
You will learn. First step: Read Roberts grow bible a few times… not once, but several times… then read up on the blogs,…followed by the various guides…cover all of the resources provided here at ILGM… then start reading all of the grow journals… the journals often get off topic but they cover all kinds of different issues and the various ways to deal with them… they also give you an idea of what different styles and techniques have worked for other growers… it all adds up to learning…then you take what you have learned and apply it to a grow,…and start learning from experience.
I also hope to become an awesome grower one day…fellas like Treez, Ntense, and Hillcrest have all done some pretty amazing things with this plant as has Paranorman and Yoshi… lots of these guys have produced some crazy ass buds… I am just out here in the sticks with no close friends and no connect, lol.


Yes I’ve been sponging everything up I can. Reading everything grow bible ,forum blog grow journel just any and everything on growing. Still have to move first and then I can get started. Best believe I’m excited to get started. And with this site n all the help here I know I won’t fail


Found it oak looks good your lady’s look good.

@Nug-bug one thing to remember about pot is it’s a weed and can take a lot. Tons of awesome people here and @Oak is awesome too.


watered the girls a full quart last night…added in 2ml’s of Alaska kelp and a drop of super thrive for each one… girls are doing well this morning…slight drooping…Maybe due to the large watering?

Cant believe you can already smell it lol Glad your not a Cop. I grew to plants of widoq and never smeltanything “weed like”. I brought them in the house in front of the ac and the wife came home and said it smelled like old man balls in the house if that counts lol i had 4 qt jars of it and it just smells like swag, or the leaves your buddy would amoke with ya in jr high lol BUT it does get you baked and got stronger as it finished curing. Maybe its a good thing its not “LOUD” for when you have to take some with you somewhere it wont be as easily detected.
I will say your getting good fast growth so far for 2 weeks. I will post a pic later today of my almost 2 week widow auto, your gonna laugh compared to yours. Guess im jealous lol and i have a 300w meihezi and a 300 watt cfl style led over them maybe 14"
Where did you get your 4 way light outlet? I have been lookin at the local hardware stores and cant find them

You may have seen in my journal that i sprouted my white widows , placed in solo cups and found out i had to leave town the next day for 6 days. I was hella worried about my seedlings and it was amazingly suspensful driving back to get to check on em. Probably hit 90 mph a few times. I was so happy to get back and they were all standing up, 4" tall staring at me like ," where the hell was u! We coulda died ! Lol" They ahould be fine til you get bac. Just saturate them before you leave.

@4play when i had the four way fixture it is just 3 of the 2 way I screwed one into the outlet then one into each of the that one and had 4 a way outlet

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@4play my wife said something about old man balls to me before I Asked how in the hell do you know what old man balls smell like and she said well you’re six years older than me you’re a dirty old man and I know your balls smell like I guess I was asking for it but that’s awesome your wife sounds cool as cool as they Can be m anyhow being our wives lol sorry i’m sure nobody wanted to hear that story but I thought it was funny


Okay…my girls are three weeks old today… Eager is responding pretty well to the LST…need her to stretch a little more though so I can pin her down again.
Bertha is staying kinda bushy…maybe because she is getting overlapped light from both LED’s?
Tiny has stretched and is now the tallest of the bunch at 11"… Bertha on the other hand is right at 8" tall.

This is my girls today

This is Eager up close…she is the only one who is not showing pistils yet…or maybe she is…

This is Tiny, now the tallest and showing pistils

This is Bushy Bertha… very dark green compared to the others, very squat at 8" tall… but looking really good. Watered the girls yesterday morning,…one quart each…next watering is scheduled Friday morning before I head out for the weekend. Girls seem to be responding well to the increased water… thinking I am going to raise the lights a few inches before I go out of town as I need Eager to stretch a bit so I can pin her down again and I would like to see Bertha get taller and open up a little so more light can get inside.


They look great @Oak

Looks good, buddy!

You know what happens when you name something “tiny”! Murphy comes along with steroids and makes the name look silly. Lol


they do make 4 way outlets but mine is jimmy rigged as Oldstoner pointed out… I bought like 18 two way splitters…screwed one in each outlet, then screwed one into each side of the splitter… by doing it that way I was able to get 92 actual watts of cfl on each plant and they responded big time… growth actually slowed a bit when I switched to the two mars hydro 300 led’s… but the color got better and it seems canopy penetration is better with the led’s… thinking about adding the cfl’s back into the mix when I get into full on flower mode… but I am working hard to make sure there are no big spikes in my monthly electric bill,lol…trying to increase it gradually so it does not draw any attention.

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checked on my girls tonight…pretty sure they are either deep into preflower, or already flowering…will post pic when I get a few…had to raise the lights,…Bertha is showing signs of light stress…most likely because she gets overlap from both lights and the other girls do not.
I am pretty stoked though…they are showing great progress for only being three weeks and one day old, lol.