O no not a bug problem! Advice anyone

Dont know what it was but i seen a lil bug running on and it looks like it has chewed up my leaf. What can i get to help fight against pest? This is whst the leaf looks like.

Another pic of a different leaf on the same plant.

Damaged leaves is not a concrete indication you have pest. This could be due to a wide array of different possibilities. Unless you see some form (egg, adult, frass) I would hold off using any products yet. Instead start scoping your leaves on a daily basis looking for aforementioned sign.

It looks like it could be just some normal wear and tear while moving the plants, wind damage etc. if see sign post some pics and we will figure it out :pray:t3::+1:


Stems look mighty purple from shot - what medium are you growing in? Sometimes this happens due to either calcium or magnesium deficiency (I believe it’s calcium but I could be wrong so don’t quote me)


I did see a lil bug running away on the damaged leaf i should get my microscope this weekend so next time i see anything i will get a good pic of the bug. Do you use anything for pest prevention?

growing in ffof soil. I was using ro water with no cal-mag for the 1st month i just started using cal-mag and gave the first nutrients 2 days ago. Im using sensi grow part A&B at half the recommended dose.

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I see some brown tips on the leaves. They could be over fertilized. How often are you using the AN nutrients. I found that even in half doses it’s very strong. once a week at half dose is plenty.

Yea i have some burnt tips on a couple of the girls. I used nutrients for the first time this past Saturday at half dose. Going to give just ph water with cal-mag for the next 2 waterings.

I run a pest control company so I have a vast array of products at my disposal - I typically avoid treating the plant directly and use other forms of control whenever I can and chemical control as a last ditch effort (minded I am always looking for it because that is the line of work I’m in so it never gets out of hand)
Keeping good air flow around the base of your plants, cleaning this area up so only stalks not weak leaves or popcorn buds, not leaving soil saturated for long periods are staples in my grows. I’ve only ever had black/eye gnats which I use PT alpine aerosol fly bait on spot treatments in my tent and spraying on index cards that I then skewer and stick in my soil. Works like a charm…
I don’t use pesticides in a preventative way for this application since I’m indoor in a tent… you could try a BTI if you really feel the need.Can find that in any big box store in the seasonal section… ask for Mosquito larvicide and they’ll point you in the right direction. Sprinkle on the top of your soil like you were putting pepper on scrambled eggs.


Get some pics for us and we’ll check it out. Typically you’ll see thrips, mites, or aphids. If it’s an infestation they’ll be plenty more just have to keep looking. Glad to hear you’re adding calmag it may not turn back from purple shade but you’re now getting what you need to the plant.


I’m no expert on BTi, but I thought it really only helps with mosquitos, (not a cannabis pest) and fungus gnats.
Since thrips/aphids etc lay their eggs on leaves and not in the soil, I’d assume BTi would do nothing to them.

It is proven to work on Mosquito larva, 100% accurate when adequate amounts are introduced into breeding habitat.Could some strains of BTI work on gnats? Very possibly but I would not put my paycheck on it. The problem with gnats is they reproduce so quickly the bacterium might not have time to work before they’ve passed on the next generation.
Your absolutely right because of their habitat you will not gain effective control over aphids, thrips etc. with a BTI

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