...O.G., DWC & Me



this confuses me…


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true, my average was 59 days…the ILGM printed average in the seed details for flowering is 55 days.

I had small pockets of amber trichomes, but if I had to guess, it was mostly cloudy, 90% cloudy


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very, very satisfied with the aroma as I break the buds open…and the buzz from the biggest, tightest buds is comfortable…from someone that wakes up just to toke!

I tried for cloudy, to stay medicated and motivated…but I start so early in the day it’s hard to get things done…I am so glad to be retired and have the time to do nothing :wink:


Walmart has little measuring cups with mL. I think it was less than $2 for one.


Hey kabongster, I’m from MA where we recently recreationalized. I’m about half way through your “OG, DWC, and ME” thread/journal and I just wanna say, the information in here is priceless. Great pictures and amazing info/troubleshooting help. Seems like you had great success (so far, I’m at the part where you’re switching to flower, but that root mass is AMAZING!) and have inspired me to continue with DWC for my first grow. I would have sent this in a PM but apparently they have been disabled, so here it is. Thank you for the great thread!


thank you @xDeeTeRx :blush:

as you have read and continue on, it’s the community that got me a harvest, and all the other informative forum posts I have read, here and other places, but I settled on the folks at ILGM because of the friendly, helpful atmosphere, the usually quick replies and the feeling of family you get when you hang around and post a few things!

welcome to I Love Growing Marijuana…pack a bowl, spend some time reading, ask questions and offer advice


Totally agree with you Donaldj