...O.G., DWC & Me


Does that terpinator really work? I mean, have you done a side by side comparison?

I understand how important the terpenes are, especially for what I’m looking for. I was trying garlic as a companion plant in an attempt to boost terpene development. Not being able to clone these damn autos, I wasn’t able to do a comparison.

Really making me want to chop my Berry!


Fortunately Bug Blaster is all natural . Only plant oils.


Running out of power! Lol

I fed her one last time after taking the advice to let her go a little longer. I’m gonna wait the 2 weeks to try getting all the nutrients out. My moving gift will be to hang her at my new place.

I actually wish my will power was stronger. Would have saved me some trouble in the past. Of course, maybe the will was strong enough, just misguided by my own dumb ass!


all terpinator dose is boost k 0.0.4 smells like GH rapid start iced tea like as for it adding terpenes hard to say for sure but a 4L is far cheaper then overdrive would’ve done side by side but last few plants that came out were during full blown war with mites and my most recent plants though were bug bothered would be shit compared first 8 that I harvested and not a good judge with bugs in the picture.


some photos…

the last plant, cardboard holding branches up for light

without the cardboard she filled the tent, 44" x 42"

the light, fans, air pump are off…the buckets are cleaned…this grow is over and drying.


Awesome I have 1 more to harvest today then all my dwc start flush next week they all need to get tied up and supported today buds are weighing them down


I love that stuff on the scissors . Hoo, I bet the room smells great.


The first plant just got cut off the branches, nearly finished drying, it came to 6.2 ounces… in mason jars but I’m leaving the tops off for a few days…then they’ll get covered and burped…then it’s ready.
If I don’t sample it till it’s gone.
The second plant is heavier :raised_hands::tada::star2::clap::slot_machine:


Moving the plants around makes them smell more. A really nice, deep, rich, thick aroma…mmmmmmm…the cutting room smells great, exotic.

ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA OG Kush seeds all the way!!!


The moments we all look forward to. Well, I mean a close second to sampling. :sunglasses:


was jarring mine but got lazy since too many jars to open using a large flat rubber made container pisses off my misses cause it’s her muffin container but lets me cure close to 12 oz in 1 container. My slightly earlier harvest has done the trick nicely way more aroma mixed some in with my older stock to add that stank back :wink: before I weigh it and bag it into 1/4 oz and oz,s for storage.
tied my ladies up today they needed it now they have tons of light and space they will finish within next 2 weeks already starting to cloud and pistils starting to turn will be their last res change this weekend straight ph’d water from then on maybe some terpinator but going to start moving my gear with each visit this week my place with the bunker in the basement is still for sale and if it’s still on market in another 30 days will be mine :slight_smile:
Will be a ground up build 1800 watt grow 400 for veg and clones 2x600 for flower room excited about the prospect of being able to design and build exactly how I want


Wow , who would of Thonk it ? Great job my friend aand you did it hydroponically , made ups to Donald J for assisting to this yield , man it looks like that bumb bigidy , but the next grow I say add some more characteristics in resin production to get them super sticky , look like salt and sugar buds by adding some Terpinator or Cha-Ching , Crystal busrt , Snowy snow ultra or golden tree , maybe big bud , pirahna , tarantula or some budding additives to get that super dank loud smell and taste . You did a fabulous job , 6.5 in hydro with late learning curves , awesome happy toking !!!


Did awesome considering was staving off root rot through entire grow running multiple product lines and his first start to finish hydro the props are all his looks like good buds to me and will only get better now he’s learnt the fundamentals of hydro he can tweak with things for better buds with more confidence. It’s always the first grow that is the tricky one teach’s you that mistakes are alright and that your plants can survive mistakes, the goal is to prevent mistakes in the future and try new things knowing what didn’t work right for you is just as important as what did. Next run he will run same line start to finish know how to spot a potential problem earlier etc. I take credit only for helping reassure him and encouraging him to learn things on his own that mistakes are lessons and reguardless of what people suggest or what you read things are always different in reality :wink:
The yields and Credit is yours @kabongster did awesome earned your chemistry badge lmao now your dr green thumb
Yoshi you need to give DWC another try I’m sure you can do it just don’t over complicate the chemistry


@Donaldj my work schedule is relentless at times is my main reason and my wife said she is not even considering to commit devestation to a honest , innocent plant , so if I had a set schedule on maintaining a hydro grow , I would give it a shot , plus I have enough to nutrient lines and accessories to grow hydroponically , I Have a full re-order of Advance Grandmaster level of nutrients for a full grow with Sensi Grow A & B grow and Connisuer Bloom A&B with all the additives , crystal burst , snowy snow ultra , humbolt golden tree , ILGM trio , terpinator , and Fox farm open Seaseme , bestie Bloomz and Cha Ching that would really give me that strong loud light green color dank , but the most important factor is time to monitor hydro I don’t have , but maybe business will take a break and I get the hours needed , or buy the things needed to control it all by timer , only time will tell .


I spend max an hour a day in my grow space unless having an issue my grow space isn’t in my house and at points over last 6 months had close to 60 plants between clones veg and flower to tend all at once. Since I stopped using soil that hour has turned into 20 minutes a simple ph and tds/ppm check and a few adjustments on 2 units with 4 plants in a 6x10 space 1 res change every 2 weeks or 10 days depending otherwise most days I poke in measure ph check temps humidity and I’m done, hardest part is resisting the urge to check and adjust constantly. After they have roots established they are like a train reliable and steady. They actually take me far less time or work than soil any day the reason I want to try NFT single res less water less nutrients

lol if you notice hardest thing is not changing or playing with your plants it’s very simple


As commonly mentioned, Plants thrive on neglect sometimes


I understand completely .


Okay, weight is in for both plants…

no. 1…6.2 ounces
no. 2…5.8 ounces…approximately 340 grams total for my 600 watt hps.

Seeds popped Feb 1, 12/12 started March 28, flowers seen March 31, one harvested May 21, second down May 31.

54 days flowering for the first, 64 days for the second…ILGM O G Kush, 55 days average.


Yup, I used soil once it had bugs, now I’m in promix no bugs.


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