...O.G., DWC & Me


I am trying to just be self sufficient also which is cool and maybe why I am trying so hard to learn…lol
I still get a charge out of smoking my own weed…
It’s got to be the reason I think it’s the best I ever smoked…


one level of buds…2 pictures of the next to go


That’s a nice drying screen. Can hang it just about anywhere. Looks tasty!


The dryer is perfect for my holiday weekend…it is portable, light and hook and unhooks easy…my grandson would spot buds hanging from twine, I’ll put out a clothes line for the next harvest, the buds from the first will still be on the netting…maybe trimmed off the branches by then.


@kanbongboster if you bump up your ppm in week 4 to about 1500-1950 your buds will get triple that size like agent jay buds .


I had problems with my first plant.
Way back, when she first started, the roots got slimed. I had light coming through the bucket wall and too weak an air pump.
Both those got taken care of…but the damage was done…something besides the roots started growing in the water…and it never went away. I read that once the roots become infected, it’s difficult to cure them.
I read about beneficial bacteria, enzymes, different baths and flushes…

I fought a dark area in the root mass, basically with hydrogen peroxide, through the whole grow, and it affected the plant’s life causing me to chop her down first.
She was dying, it wasn’t a pH thing, it wasn’t nutrients…it was a bad start that never recovered.

I called Advance Nutrients, they had me pumping big numbers into my girls…the ppm got up over 1800. The pH perfect hit 6.8 regularly in my bucket. Their support had me adding Micro, Grow and Bloom every time I added water to buffer pH. My other plant has shown none of the problems the first girl had. I have the second in just pH’ed water for her final flush, and she is progressing normally, older leaves yellowing, she keeps plumping up.

The harvest could have been better for the first…my mistakes…not enough air, light infiltration…probably other factors, all me.

Before starting my indoor hydro grow, I had lots of misinformation I had picked up over the years. I wanted to try everything on my girls…
My reeducation began when I started reading forum posts here.
environment, environment, environment
pH, pH, pH
Keep It Simple
Every plant is different


That’s how I did it. I was out of smoke so I sampled some toward the end and noticed that when the tricombs became cloudy it gave a nice flavor and taste. Toward the end 60+ percent amber was more body buzz and less coughtastic. That was super sour diesel. Oh, when I chopped her she was very colorful after 93 days from switching to 12/12.


Seems like I waited for ever to see amber then I wished I had taken her a little sooner for quality.


But, that seemed to be everybody’s favorite. Awsome for pain and sleep.


I have taken to using a clip on microscope on my phone since it lets me blow up pics and noticed that my jewellers loop and hand microscope are far less effective just imo has me pulling ladies earlier and preserving more of their scent I can sit and count in pics focus doesn’t come and go 30-40% amber does the trick just fine on my PK I will be trying same on my Jack herer. My ladies in hydro are on their last feed with around 2 weeks left will start them on flush next weekend straight water and terpinator for a week or more depending on how they are looking after first 5 days. ! of my units is having similar issues as Kabongsters however they were soil transplants so not a surprise and will fight it right up until harvest this grow was plagued by mites all way through flower since was part of perpetual grow finally down to final 4 plants in flower from nearly 20 at one point so the health of my plants still is quite surprising weekly soap treatments to keep numbers down did quite well and happy enough with my yield


You didn’t give up on your plants…you had a harvest.

You didn’t give up on MY plants…I will have a harvest. Thank you :raised_hands:

I am not complaining, either. My small tastes have all made me smile.
Woulda, coulda, shoulda…next time!


I have been using Ron’s Bug Blaster with instant success. When the lights come back on I go over them with my loupe and a fine tooth comb(:)) and ever burrowing pest has left the plants and hopefully the building.


Tricky to use any chemicals when you are pulling out a plant or 2 every week need time for the plant to get rid of the residue or it remains in the bud and no one likes to smoke pesticides or soapy buds it also fries trichs I took to zoning my flower room keeping plants over 5 weeks away from others. Treating all younger plants and spot treating older plants was also growing at a friends making more complications access and dark cycle were while he slept or I was at work and damn mites can be found anywhere in the room even after treating since moving plants out to clean room meant stinking up his house :slight_smile:


Have you treated the soil. ILGM has some great effective products. I’m not a pro but maybe them little bastards are in the soil.


on final 4 plants now within last 2 weeks or so then shutting down for few months have lb’s stocked up in jars I am good to go until I relocate :wink: I may smoke and oz a month if that and have been harvesting 1/2 lb a month since Jan I think I will be ok and when I restart will no existing bug problem to stave off will avoid soil since that’s where the bastards came from and have fallen in love with the ease of hydro and cleanliness. The control and health of my ladies in hydro is far better than soil easy flushes plant growth rates and yields are far better as well my next grow will be on my schedule in my own home so more time to monitor and tend my ladies


Leave your leaves!
( try saying that 5 times fast )

Lovin’ that Barry White! …what will-power you must have! :wink: LOL


lol I smoke mainly to sleep and am currently researching NFT systems for my next grow like DWC but NFT is more elligant a system and will work better for my goals with less space needed and simple single res.


I can’t wait to try a dwc bucket. I’M concerned that one bucket will out grow my potted plants and room will be lopsided. :slight_smile:


lol my single remaining Jack herer in DWC is easy 3 1/2 feet around and 5’6" even after bending and training younger than any of my soil plants which were topped and re topped to the point of around 12 kola each easily bigger and healthier than any of my soil girls the Pk in the unit with it is nearly same size the 1 15 gal unit would fill my 5x5 tent with just 2 plants if I hadn’t pruned and trained it as heavy as I did. They out grow my soil plants 2 to 1 before flower. If I didn’t trim them back weekly they would be twice their size so to me it’s a no brainer once you get dialled in and a couple grows under your belt in hydro you would wonder why you ever even went near soil lmao


That’s just what I’m thinking. :slight_smile: exciting possibilities.