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To me, taste and smell are very important aspects of the end results. Besides yield, those are the main reasons I went looking for information and found this great community!

Those I smoke with always rage about the effects of what I grow. Most have no problems with the taste and smell, but I believe they are worried I’ll take offense. There are a few, that really appreciate the finer aspects of good smoke, that are willing to agree with me and say it’s lacking the finer points.

I have also heard that, looking for smell and taste, I should harvest when her scent is at it’s strongest. Any thoughts? This is taking into account picking the day of harvest based on trichome development. Just which part of that day?


So while you were chatting, I started one plant on it’s final days, plain pH’ed water…mostly cloudy with a touch of amber…color me impatient.

I’ll let the other girl go, see what develops.

Quality, quantity, smell and taste…about one months grow time per attribute.
I can not wait to vape a bowl, that really brings the taste out.


lol going to be a busy week for me the person I am doing side job for keeps adding more work to the job my material will be onsite Tuesday hope is to have everything torn off any wood work chased out underlay and starter rows ready to pound down shingles for the weekend so I only need compressor for 1 day. Since she is selling house everything I can do to add value she’s game paying for though don’t think she has considered I have to do this during my time off work or at the end of my work days factoring weather equipment planning fortunately will have until 25th to finish but she’s looking at easy 2k labor bill doesn’t help my buddy I planned to get to help me has been in hospital for last 2 weeks and will be going through physio for next 6 weeks


Is it still winter where you are? Canada keeps spinning cold air down to us. Time to stop, please. I’ve got grass to grow outside. :wink:
Say hi (high) to your buddy from all of us, hope his recovery is speedy and uneventful.
I understand why you don’t go for too much amber, working all those hours.


For some reason people don’t understand the term "side job " . But when it’s their home, it’s all that’s really on their mind.

I also wish you buddy a speedy recovery.


my usual reply


Little known fact this is actually a ticketed trade which is actually called damp proofing it encompasses shingles tin flat roof/torch on membranes etc. Siding and wall systems foundation sealing drains gutters vents pretty much anything to keep your home dry :wink:
This doesn’t include framing soffits facias and general carpentry that we preform on regular basis oddly enough.


I’m vaping a small, dried bud off one of my girls.

Big mistake…it’s 9:30 in the morning, weather is cooperating, I have work to do all day…but this chair I am in is getting soooo comfortable…

Great taste, pleasant feeling, lol, really pleasant…


lol young bud is supposed to be uplifting but I tend to get couch lock from any bud i grow lmao


Should have picked it with less amber. Lol

I’ve been thinking about separating my dried buds by trichome development. It seems like most plants mature at different stages on the same plant.

After reading that cutting a plant while flowering can stress her, I’ve had to reconsider taking certain buds and leaving the rest to mature.

Now I’m thinking, since I prefer about 50 percent amber, perhaps just harvest the whole thing and separate the plant’s buds by the coloration of the trichomes. A little for morning and a little for night. Or maybe I’m just giving the coloration too much credit for the varying effects?


I saw very little amber…hairs were 75% shriveled
my plants have to die.
it was a vape break from harvesting…it was a nice feeling, birds singing, sun shining, a smile on my face feeling!

one plant is trimmed of big leaves…on to next phase, the buds.

there other girl is going in water today, I’ll chop her next week.
a before and after hair cut

and my only child…I cut a support string (air tubing) from around her and she fell apart…the post office box is temporarily supporting branches in the front, the bucket just behind…she fills the tent, side to side, not much in back.


I tried cutting and organizing 6 plants, 2 varieties, by top and bottom buds, something like what you mean…

DO NOT GET HIGH…lol, my organization went out the window to the point of having a third separation of “quality” because I got too confused…sigh


I figured you would have screened her.

So if there was very little amber, is it the strain that sat you down? I’m experimenting with the different effects off the same plant based on the trichomes.

If you’re getting couch lock with very little amber, it would seem that the coloration isn’t that much of a determining factor. So…

I could go ahead and harvest my Berry White?!? It’s getting so very hard to let her continue!

The smell is almost intoxicating in itself!

Leads to another question…

Trimming. I used to trim fan leaves before learning here that those leaves are more important than I originally understood. Now I trim them just before I cut her down. What effect would trimming them a week before harvest have? Good idea or no? Opinions?



It comes from over thinking! :joy:


my girls remained pretty much unkempt thru the whole grow process…I personally would not trim at your stage, tho, unless you want to stress and stop growth. Those calyces can get plumper.

it was partly impatience, partly the hairs were dying…tho not a good determination, it factored into my decision.
I also have to chop them down, sooner rather than later.

the first to go is less amber, the second in the staging area was more amber already, going deeper…so hopefully I’ll have a more uplifting couch lock and a dead in the water couch lock, lol?
I also have pharmaceuticals that I require that leave me groggy in the morning…sometimes just watching the TV gives me couch lock…


one down, one to go…


Looking good…
Enjoy that one


I take it you will be drying on some sort of screen? I’m accustomed to taking the whole branch for hanging. Have you compared the two different methods?


I’ll post a photo tomorrow.
Most buds are still on branches, 6-12 inches long.
Last year, every branch I hung to dry ended up falling once or more, I figured to avoid that and just lay them down on a drying screen.
After about 4-5 days, I’ll check for the next stage of trimming.


Yeah, I could see where it looks like you took solid colas, I’m just not used to seeing so much left attached to the truck after harvest. Lol

Just wanted to ask as I’m always looking for something new to me that may improve my final smoke. I don’t sell, so the only person that faces disappointment is me. Well, and my wife when I complain about what could have been better! :smiling_imp: