...O.G., DWC & Me


I was afraid cutting fan leaves would stress them, slow or stop growth for a few days…

I had cleared out alotta leaves and branches below, enough I thought but I see differently now. Upper leaves took over, I have been pushing the ones in the middle of the plant down into the plant, but the next row grew…I have to be more aggressive Next Time!


The reason is quite simple no 2 plants are the same and temps humidity strain nutes soil lighting all factor as well as co2 age space you name it what works perfect for one person may not for another. In all honesty any plants that are well flushed and make it to harvest are grown right who cares how we get there and the little things we do differently I will tell you of my 5 plants in soil they all will yield differently and all have been fed the same pruned the same given same light and space are even from same mother.


So what was your final wieght ?


They have weeks to go at 10/14…only one amber trichomes, I’m hoping for 30%-40% amber.

My last few outdoor harvests have been at this point (no dark trichomes) because of weather… frost or heavy rain and wind. This is new territory for me, watching the buds explode in size and resin.
After having pure cloudy trichomes, I am so looking forward to couch lock.


@kanbongster hang in there buddy , I know the anticipation , but to be quite honest , you are no where near close to be honest . The appropriate cure time is at least 4 weeks before smoking ? But you almost to the start of it all , man I’m just as excited as you are right now .


lol…stop being honest!
lie to me, tell me what I want to hear…any day now.

The girls aren’t in any rush to mature…they are laughing, talking, doing their little plant dance…they are giggling, tittering, getting fat and happy and trying to stay young forever. They hear me walking over to see them and they stop moving.
Cloudy, clear, no amber…ever.
Probably a sativa trait popping up?
They drink and eat…the calyxes (calyces?) are bulging, hairs dying…someday soon, not today.

One of the benefits of hydro, a shorter end of life flush with plain pH’ed water, 4 days to a week or so is good.


What’s the verdict , anxious ?


I am vaping some small, lower, under the canopy buds right now. They were picked 5 days ago.
Not anything big or sticky, very small trichomes…but it is tasty. Mild buzz, atm. Not bad at all.

Anxious? More so now that I’ve sampled!
The hairs on one plant (popped out of the ground one day earlier) are 70% dead, still mostly cloudy, some clear, very little amber.
The second plant is 30% dead hairs…less amber.
I think the hairs are in one time zone, the trichs in another.

It looks like I’ll harvest them in a week or two, dunno…one a little more mature. Every day is farther along than I have been before, watching everything puff up in size and stickiness.


I know with my PK I exceeded flower length in the quest for amber trichs and my plants actually lost some aroma but that certainly didn’t effect the crystals or the fact it got my high as a kite smooth smoke just not stinky. Mind you not a bad thing since easier to carry lmao I actually found I got better aroma going by hairs rather than trichs not that I would recommend using hairs to judge


I have had that happen too. I waited until the bud was all multicolored 93 days and still only had 30% amber. When I smoked it I realized a much earlier sample was more tasty and coughtastic .


But the buds where much heavier and still nice and stony.


was awesome smoke just smelled like I dried it in dehydrator lmao


rotors and bearings to change on my truck today getting in the mood :slight_smile:
got to make my playlist before trip to go spend money on parts get me in the mood so the expense doesn’t fowl my mood


the leaves are more long and narrow, like a sativa.
It’s just a guess that the genetics of these plants are not going to cooperate with an early harvest.
7 day bucket change tomorrow. Soon I’ll call it quits…day by day, one week more not two.


finalizing details for a pain in the ass side job hate shingling let alone on steep slope but talked with the owner and they are aware of the added costs so the 3-4 days work is worth 1700-1800 to me just sorting out flashings and colour today. She wants to throw in gutters while I am at it told her adds to the price and that she may want to wait until after I have chased out wood rot and done shingles so may turn into 5 days and 2k? will be doing it after work so bonus money :slight_smile:


seen amber on couple of my soil ladies the other day so within a week on last of my soil plants followed closely by my hydro girls :smile: then will be shut down for rest of the summer


Once you start to see the amber you’re only about a week out in soil?!?

I noticed a few ambers a couple days ago on my auto Berry White. I figured a couple weeks. Am I not anticipating the progression enough? I look for at least 40 percent amber for harvest. I need to be able to do things during the day and can’t be stuck to the couch. Lol

Soon I hope to get several different strains so I can have my wake-n-bake and my comatose. The best I can do now is take buds at different stages, but I am learning it’s best not to cut them while in flower.


the strain I am growing starts to lose some of it’s aroma as it ambers or atleast in the last 4 harvests


:scream:so my disappointment with the taste and smell could be coming from trying to achieve a good mix of cloudy and amber?!?

I know the trichomes start to degrade quickly after turning amber, but doesn’t the amber also point to more oil production within each calyx?


It can depending on the strain I know with mine I get better aroma from less amber it doesn’t effect quality of my smoke and actually since indica dom I prefer less amber it makes it less couch lock for me