...O.G., DWC & Me


Good seed companies will tell you how many days each strain needs to finish maturing. Wish I could shorten weeks also. :slight_smile:


I woke up to

4 out of 8 auto ww ILGM.
My favorite way to start them…I put them in water for about 24 hours then into a peat pot. This was about a day and a half to sprout.
Today is really sunny, gotta shade them a day or so. Then full sunshine!

I will have leftover AN pH perfect which has balanced pH perfect for soil. And leftover ILGM nutes, these guys have some good meals coming up. Then the next experiment, General Hydroponics, Terpinater, Fox Farm supplements, so much to try…@Yoshi, stay available…

as far as my kush, trichomes are clear to cloudy, leaning to mostly cloudy, no ambers popping up that I can see yet. I haven’t made it past this stage with my outdoor grows, weather reasons, so I’m hoping 2-3 weeks, another feeding or two then a one week flush.


I’ll be here if needed , but you should do fine , it’s all fresh in your mind and your notes , so if you go right into your next grow and follow your notes , you will definitely double your next yield .


Double my yield…say it again.
Yes, very possible, these girls are tired of being treated poorly by me.

This has been an education. I learn best by making mistakes, and there have been plenty.
Water temperature, aeration, light infiltration, pH, relative humidity…all areas that started bad but got upgraded. The plants survived because I spent all my time watching them.
Reading and doing are two different things. Learning new things, forgetting old ideas and misinformation, finding out there are many ways to get a harvest…
In this forum there are a lot of different ideas of what to grow in, how to prepare it, what to feed the plants, when to top or fim…get a good foundation (light, humidity, temperature) and add nutrients slowly, watch the pH, give them fresh air and room to grow.

The girls are very different. One is strong like a tree, I could hang a tire swing on one of it’s branches and a 6 year old could use it. The other’s branches needed help to support the buds.

The next grow is in soil, outside…that has been my plan all along…Next hydro in the Fall. That should be fun, a scrog with Gold Leaf.

Edit…3 more auto ww sprouted, 7 out of 8.
I have hairs dying on the girls, still no Amber, plenty of cloudy, some clear.


good to hear I have always wanted to try growing autos but too busy rightnow another 3 weeks and will be shut down until I relocate and plan to build room for purpose so could be few months before I have any seeds started have been picking up seeds as I drop in my hydro shop.


For this grow all I did was hang a tarp from the cellar ceiling and put in a Mylar lining. It wasn’t made air tight, it’s in a bad spot in my cellar. It was never made to be permanent.
Next grow will be a more solid wall, sheetrock with white paint.

Being able to start fresh must be exciting. And with everything you know it will be so up to date.
That bomb shelter was the best.


it’s still on the market and if it is when time comes will offer less simply due to economy and fact they haven’t been able to sell it for some mysterious reason


I seen that really thought hard about it really like but my next grow will be smart pots


Thank you ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA…8 seeds in, 8 sprouts!

I only start as many seeds as I want to grow, ILGM has a 100% sprout rate in my small sample.
8 in 8 out this time, 3 in 3 out last time, 6 in 6 out the time before that. All international cash transactions, all received in a timely manner.


well after triple filtering and a long day running the crockpot I have some nice RSO thick as tar but certainly will do the trick :slight_smile: lol learnt good lesson always have lots of iso on hand for clean up was good use for my last bugged to death plant solid 5 0z of sub par bud and several months of trim and have easy 15ml of oil from otherwise low grade smoke. Ladies are looking happy 5 of which are starting flush remaining 4 are entering week 4 so just starting to gain weight my pest fight will have another spray session tomorrow can’t kill them all but will certainly make there lives miserable every chance I get too late in flower on most to do much more than safer soap the little pricks


You’re setting yourself up for a nice vacation…no plants soon, oil, buds…before the new crop, maybe new house and lots of new projects.

I’m looking at my girls…the hairs are dying, slowly, and turning a nice gold color…it’s about 48 days 12/12, about 43 days when I noticed flowers…55 days average…no amber seen, lots of cloudy…so I’m guessing another feeding in a few days then preparing for a flush, I dunno.

I’m glad and sad…it’s been months waiting for this time, but now that it’s winding down I’ll miss them. I’ll get over it with the first toke.


wind had me shut down at work today so spent day at my bosses working on his shop framing in 2 half shelters on it they are 14’x40’ with 13’ ceilings we built the roofs last year the framed and built the main shop 24x40 with 16’ ceilings gantry crane 2 skylights 6 led flouro banks. Taken us 3 years from pouring foundation framing walls roofing it in first year to get to where we are today, wired 220 amp service in floor heating we opted out of drywall and clad ceiling and top 8’ of walls in white tin bottom 8’ of walls are stained 1/2" plywood 12x12 rolling door speakers are wired into walls though stereo is waiting to be installed. Goal is to put a mezzanine in back 10’x24’ for smoke room :slight_smile: side shelters are both getting 12x12 rolling doors enclosed sided and basically will be for work trucks and toy storage and yes my boss likes to smoke a few and get inspired lmao.
So yes I do have a diverse skill set making a grow area from scratch a fun way to spend a few days only curse of working on shop is make 3rd less than my standard hourly but fun working environment with manditory toke breaks


A grow area from scratch with your experience and knowledge…I am jealous but inspired. Every improvement you, your friendly forum growers, your boss and co workers can think of…you can evaluate and implement or ignore. Lights, temperature, humidity…bug resistant…water, drainage…someplace organized and easy to maintain. Build it once, build it right.

What’s up with legalizing marijuana in Canada? I haven’t heard much lately. There are a few states near me considering loosening some laws. By the time it is easily available, I should have the cost down to nutrients and electricity and seeds…most hardware items have been picked up, until I expand my area. It wasn’t as cheap to set up the grow area as I imagined…Every corner I considered cutting only made the final product inferior, and I didn’t do this grow for that result.


Lol just like anything else they are still trying to figure out how to tax and make their dollar off it Government is the same the world over. The major drug stores are fighting for rights to distribute and cities which already had pot shops are pushing them out so just chaos at the moment has very little effect on me since i grow my own and am in no huge rush pay for $30 gram taxed to shit bud


taxed to shit…a good example for the USA…it’s gonna be anyways, a cash cow for the government to spend and we know what kind of record they have.

I said gold hairs…a dark gold to me

the bottom of the plant is getting ugly…lotsa leaves waiting to die…I’ll run my fingers thru the leaves, if they come off, fine, if not, they stay…I’ve snipped a few off that were really bad, but most are clinging on, atm.


I see amber…one trichome…sigh, when will it end?
They could be better, but then they could be dead…I’ll happily settle for this. I am impatient at this point, though, really impatient.
so I’m gonna go to a 10/14 schedule. I don’t know how fast trichomes darken, I was guessing a few weeks to go.


would be a good guess 2-3 weeks left the extra dark time will speed them up to I groom my plants considerably more for flowering but that’s a debate for another time since opinions vary greatly on to prune or not to lmao. They are looking good great job now the end is in sight better than my soil ladies mind you been plagued by bugs all through flower my hydro ladies are finally starting to fatten up my 5 soil ladies are all in flush for next 2 weeks. Clean up day today dump trip cleaning in my house so good time to round up leaf and stem clean grow space some.


yeah, too many side leaves…my favorite refrain for every point learned, Next Time! I had to try leaving them, this grow or another one.

would trimming a few off now slow anything down?

I am concerned about things happening…Spring is on us, warm temps, bugs everywhere…I’ve caught a few things on my sticky pads, nothing that I think would be a danger, but they are just the first sightings. Rising rh, this is when I run a dehumidifier, the plants are at 50% now, it will creep higher.
My original plan was a Jan 1 start, I got everything going for Feb 1 and it’s showing, I’m rushing the end.


At this point it wouldn’t add weight to trim and may actually slow plants down I manicure for first 3-4 weeks but it’s kinda a strain by strain thing some plants love it some hate it and some think natural is best some swear by letting buds get all the light possible. I like to prune for several reasons buds get better light problems are easier to spot and treat (bugs) dead leaves etc. Same can be accomplished using bending and scrog mostly it’s personal taste.


opinions vary on every aspect of this past time…germination, soil, lights, hours of lighting, basic nutrients, supplements and more.

information or misinformation? or just simply a few ways to get a harvest?
it’s scary and frustrating for someone looking for quick answers, sometimes not getting one.