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You need a good base nutrient line with some humbolt additives or terpernator , are you can run some of fox farm soluble powder nutrients with your base nutrients to get the resin and flavors amped up to get that smell and taste and scent you looking for seriously . But you can never go wrong using the Lucas formula growing with different lines of nutrient brands , as long as you don’t over kill with them . I been using ILGM nutrient boosters with Advance Hobbyist additives ,adding humbolt golden tree and terpernator , and I promise you , in a zip lock bag in coffee grind , you can still smell it , that loud unleaded gas , and it taste so good , so strong , that slight smooth smoke followed by a hard cough and a super super hard head high , than that full body buzz for about 2-3 hours from one or two hits on a one hitter . I won’t even smoke a whole bowl in a water bong , that’s suicide to the lungs for real , and them Rellos smokers can’t get past a half blunt with this recipe . But make sure you read the labels and break down the numbers in the concentrates and ph the nutrients and most importantly ppm . You play with that and find your recipe that you like and it will be scrumptious delicious …I’m getting a headache right now wishing I had some of my blueberry I finished early this year . Dude gave $150 an ounce , than charged me a $100 ah quarter of what I sold him ?


my plants have been thru enuff…gonna finish this grow with this nutrient brand, pH perfect or not.
polished turds…lol…isn’t that what fertilizers are made from, turds? and bat wings and newt’s eyes…roadkill.

IF pH perfect worked for me, I’d stick with it, even for a few dollars more. No pH adjusting, less testing, pH is the biggest headache in hydro. It’s not like I grow 30 plants…2 at a time isn’t so bad. I really have to see and test the results of the grow to decide.

I do agree, just being an observer feels frustrating, to have to have faith in this product…BUT, it is Advanced Nutrients, a major brand with a track record…there are other people in the forum that use it…I’m nervous but eager…honestly happy I got this far, and it’s not because of the brand fertilizer…it’s the advice and help that got me here…your advice Donaldj and help…others have helped but not as much as you…thanks


roflmao…polished turd in epoxy…:poop:


I need that good base…two brands haven’t worked for me…Next brand, General Hydroponics and my choice of supplements.

I like Great White, it’s not cheap, but I don’t use much.
I used Bud Blood, with good results, same, not the cheapest for what it does.
a cal mag supplement, a root conditioner, like Liquid Karma…a bud enhancer, still looking at those…terpinater, that Fox Farm trio, cha ching and all those that you mentioned…still looking for ways to get more…
I had troubles after Golden Tree, dunno if that was the problem but I stopped using it.

The best advice has been to start with a good environment (thanks MacG)… lights, temperature, humidity… and build on that. That was to be my first grows target.


Nutrient lines just remind me of when i was looking at new trucks in a local dealership seen the 90-100k price tags started looking under the dash for the device that sucks me off while I drive, because it better have some serious return to justify the cost.
All I seen was the payments draining my wallet for low resale value and continued expense.


miracle grow would work…but I’m past that point…

yep, a good base that can be used without customer support…it’s not rocket science, it’s just a plant


I got some prophylactics for the plants yesterday…I saw some non-toxic sticky pads for bugs at the supermarket…with all the talk about bugs lately it seemed prudent to buy a pack and spread them out. They aren’t yellow, but pain in the ass sticky…they keep catching me, the biggest pest in the tent.

There was a lemon scented bracelet for kids for sale there, too…says it smells for “250 hours, discourages bugs”, $1, so that’s hanging at the tent door.


It would be interesting to see if that cheap little bracelet works.


I was just thinking…something I should have done when I got the lemony bracelet…I don’t have an air filter/purifier, just two plants with a lot of smelly buds…I could hang twenty bracelets and do nothing to hide the plants aroma, rendering the bracelets useless…for my circumstances.

I’ll leave the bracelets for the kids.


Oh, I thought the bracelet was to help deter pests, not cover smell.


It is/was to deter bugs, but the cannabis aroma (what the bugs smell) overwhelms the citrus bracelet smell in my cellar. I wasn’t thinking of the strong resin smell when I saw this bracelet, just the idea of discouraging bugs.
I have forced hot air for heat…when the furnace comes on in the evening, the house smells interesting.


Well my bugs are still giving me grief but the ladies barely seem to care ph still stable and ladies are drinking easily gallon a day ppm steady 1000 so top offs are with same ppm and they seem to love the extended bud blood doses. Gave my soil girls their last feed 2-3 weeks left until they are done they were hardest hit by the mites but after several soapy baths have rebounded just need to keep the little bastards in check for couple more weeks my hydro girls are still early enough in flower to spray :slight_smile: will be nice to shut down for a while. Daily drives to my grow and the annoyance of not being able to get rid of the mites as well as it being my work season makes growing during summer actual work for me. Wouldn’t want to take the fun out of it not like I don’t have enough smoke to last me rest of the year already gives me lots of time to get into new home and build grow space with no rush


Hiya…I gotta admit, some mindless outdoor growing, and a break from summer indoor problems works for me. Indoor bugs, humidity, I always run a dehumidifier in the cellar all summer. I am scared of working outside then bringing something inside…I found a caterpillar on me, they will be everywhere soon along with spiders, flies, whatever…
I got 4 cubic feet of perlite, moisture control soil, some dry organics, 8 auto ww went in jiffy peat pots after soaking in water…that was this morning, watching and waiting. Taking care of them will be enough and should last me months afterwards.
My greenhouse has about 150 nuts and bolts (maybe less), charging my screwdriver now, waiting for a sunny day. After Mother’s Day.


still below zero in the mornings here so too early for outdoor growing
just spent last hour brushing my dog 2 more dogs to go once that’s done it’s off to get the clippers give them their summer shave poor dogs hate the warm weather the one haircut a year is a mercy for them regardless how much they hate it lmao


Still below zero, so where did the bugs come from? Than you take it out on the dogs…cold hearted bastard! :dog:

They will like the haircut when it warms up.


bugs came from the soil had none until we purchased new soil


leaving shaving the dogs for another week or so still pretty cool at night for them now i’m down to running single light my grow room is pretty cool now too plants are starting to drink slower 67f night 77 day time about coolest I’ve had my grow room since very start when I had plants under a 400w not complaining it brings out the purple in my buds nicely


Yeah…dogs are people, too…wait for some warmth…poor babies shivering outside while you toke away in your warm home, smoking jacket on by the fireplace in a comfortable chair with a drink…blizzard conditions outside. Ice forming on the dog’s noses.
We just got above freezing temps at night May 1…outdoor growing season has begun.

My bucket water has been at 64-66F for awhile, it was cooler in the beginning. I wouldn’t complain about a few degrees warmer. The plants are alive and resinating, but there have been problems, all resolved, I see it in the growth and the leaves. Next time. Bigger and badder buds.


45 days 12/12…40 days pistils/buds…55 day average


TASTY ! I really need to get set for indoor!