...O.G., DWC & Me


you can use 3% but in soil it may do more harm than good since it kills good and bad bacteria alike


Thanks. Never heard of it, didn’t know if I was missing out.


a good read


Ever since my incidence with slime at my start, the roots always made me wonder. I don’t have any raging problems, but the root mass has gotten so thick, there has always been a dark center to it (like my black, black heart), I really have to wonder how much air is getting thru to the whole mass.
This hydrogen peroxide therapy of some sort is going to help finish this grow.

Next grow, I’ll start stronger, wiser, cleaner, and avoid slime or whatever…once in they are hard to really get out. I have much better aeration, new air pump and air diffuser, temperature has always been under 70F, sometimes too low, 61F…


Hmmmm, they say 4tbs/gal…3 tsp/tbs…5ml/tsp…60ml/gal…3.5-4 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket, 200-240ml peroxide…and I was worried about 150ml.


after the hydrogen peroxide therapy, still alive


Looks like your lights are getting good penetration. Those buds look nice.


I have been gently pushing the larger leaves down into the plant…I just finished for today.

Every day, leaves have to be put in their place with my trial, to see what works.
I am ending up with a weave on the outer edge, large leaves and stems interlaced with neighboring stems and leaves, all lending support.
I have been pushing the smaller, outer buds inwards for lighting.
Any large leaves in the center have been pushed straight down…I’ll reach up from the center after and pull them down, straighten them out.

I love playing with the plants…bending them to my will…poor plants, my wife won’t listen to me, I take it out on them.

The plants are shedding lower, poorly lit, older leaves…exactly what is supposed to happen


Just be careful that you allow enough air flow through your canopy,white powdery mildew is a bi!#% to get rid of. Ounce it hits, arrrgh!


Can’t wait till I’m sniffin’


I’ve had it with every outdoor grow…big, tight, buds that got morning dew which stayed on them till the morning sun dried them out. That was 10 AM…I’d pull bad buds apart daily.

Humidity is at 39% right now, fans circulating air…I wish it was done sooner, but every day now should make them better, and how many weeks of improvement are left?
Sooner, smaller…more time, mmmmmmmm


Are you around thirty days into bud ? I tried to look back but couldn’t find it.


37 days of 12/12…I noticed pistils popping March 30, 4-5 days in…pre-flower seen March 17

ILGM OG Kush…55 days flower period per web site…


looking good I get to do a bug check today followed by a possible plant bath or a staking session all my soil plants will be on their last feed week


Cool, thanks for the stats. Over time we will be able to see how a bunch of strains grow.


Another call to pH perfect support…pH had climbed too high and they said “use more next time”, closer to their recommendations…so a fresh bucket of nutrients.
That was yesterday. Today, the plants look great, all shiny and trichomes.

Are 5 day weeks still weeks? Will the girls finish faster? :wink:


use more sounds like the typical bs response from a company that wants you spending money on all their additives and nutrients. Ph up and dwn is cheap and any additives I throw in are whatever dose I want if I compare what I spend on nutrients to grow 10 plants to what AN would have me use on 3-4 plants I save on average about $30 per plant I grow an example AN ph perfect 3 part start to finish 4ml each part per litre my res holds 40-45L would mean 160ml roughly each res change 1 litre of each Grow Micro Bloom would make 6 weeks with weekly res changes at roughly $18 per bottle so $54 this is about half my grow and without cal mag silcate h2o2 and any other additives they recommend and if you customize it any it doesn’t work right. GH 3 part 5ml 4L to a max of 15ml 4L $18 a bottle same price product lasts longer and customizable?


Also they have Rapid roots liquid Kool Bloom Floral Nectar products equal to or comparable with Voodoo Juice Bud blood and any sweeteners AN sells
Honestly anyone can polish a turd if they soak it in epoxy but if they think we can’t tell it is shit they are nuts, I think if a product line can’t be adjusted to suit my wants and my plants needs it’s crap, Not every strain needs same things or doses so selling a product which only work one way is crazy.
Just my opinion


Humbolt golden tree additives or terpenator will save bundles , or you can add Fox Farm open Seaseme , beastie bloom and Cha Ching with kangooroots and get the same results .


Wow Didnt know this stuff
18 year ago I dont know how my plants ever lived. I didnbt even use or own a ph tester for aero once and some times didnt even clean the system between grows. That sys ran for 5 years