...O.G., DWC & Me


lol, no matter what I do, it bounces back…

I had decreased N the last few weeks, both plants had enough…too much…
back to more or less regular dosages of Micro, Grow, Bloom…less than recommended by Advance Nutrients web site.
About 2/3 what they said.


Have you considered removing a percentage of older leaves to allow more light and plant resources to be sent to the buds ? Some people don’t like to, they say that the big leaves are there for a reason. I’ve had good luck both ways. Just trying to collect more info.


I just spent 20 minutes pushing the larger fan leaves down into the plant, exposing more buds to light…I’m trying NOT to trim anything…trying, we’ll see if I succeed…I don’t mind bending them down into the shade, just not too eager to cut them.
bending them down helps push the stems apart, too, evening the canopy.

I have found that I make up my mind to do it one way, then get too high and do the opposite of what I decided.
I guess I have to “think” about this…hmmm, cookie or vape?
you are right…both!!


what I’m trying for, the biggest fan leaves pushed down into the plant…I trimmed away some lower branches but left the fan leaves so there aren’t a lot of buds in hiding.


You may be forgetting about the smaller buds lower on each stalk. I hope this doesn’t sound insulting. By the looks you have things well under control. Personally I’ve found that fairly early in this stage with less foliage the under buds have increased my overall total dry weight. I have an example but it’s on another mem card. I’ll get back with that.


I don’t expect much from underbuds…that’s what I make cookies from with last year’s outdoor grow. Even in sunshine, that smaller stuff didn’t have the same intense taste or effect, to me.

I haven’t lollipopped all the lower buds off, but came pretty close. I can’t plug anything else in…lol…there will be no more lights.

This grow, I cut the first set of side branches off, left the next 4 for growth.
Next time, I will trim the bottom 3 sets of branches, they didn’t grow as thickly…again, seems to me. Maybe top after 6th node next time. Just me, the plant just gets better, low growth is too immature. Waiting a week for the first topping when veg growth starts may expose a few new sets of nodes.
Still learning, myself…trying to make this “my” grow, with a little help from you all, my friends. :blush:


OK, that’s cool. Don’t want tell you what to do.


Please offer opinions…just me, trying stuff.

My biggest problem is having knowledge, but not knowing how reliable it is. I’ve heard so many ways for germination, growing, harvesting, increasing potency over the last 50 years…most of which are wrong, but sound good when explained, especially while being medicated.


Right on. :slight_smile:


Lol I know what you mean my boss grew 20+ years ago and has theories and ideas which contradict everything I have learnt lights on final 48 no ph monitoring just winging it approach makes me laugh when him and I talk growing. Sounds to me what he really was growing was weed but I guess if you’ve smoked daily for decades you may not have noticed quality changes over the years or have any idea how they came about?
He tells me get some sea weed and sand brew the sea weed from local lake into a tea and water with 1 litre a day start to finish this is when I hold in my laugh and say how did you adjust ph? Not sure whether strains are just more fussy or he was just really lucky or smoked shit loads of bunk but when he’s smoking Bubba kush grown by a guy I swap tips with all the time I know he is way behind the times and has no clue how his grower uses nutes and ph control lmao.


Yes…I still recall the first way it was explained to me a long long time ago…the resin is a defense against drying out, so the idea was to make the plant as hot and dry as possible. Low water, high temps…
Or bury it in a can for a few months, treat the seeds with colchicine for mutations or something, pull leaves off anytime.


as long as you don’t look behind the curtain to see a grey haired old man feverishly adjusting fans, checking temps, arranging stalks and leaves…lol…in this case appearances are deceiving.

I call arranging the plants “playing stinkfinger”…I’ll brush a bud and my hand immediately goes to my nose for a sniff.


I’ve been on the phone with Advanced Nutrients about my pH…hard not to think about it, 6.8 for hours.
I am watching it and not adjusting and it scares me.


Ha ha ha, love it.


lmao I wouldn’t even call them i would just adjust anyway they advertise it as keeping ph in optimum range close to 5.8 if it doesn’t do that then I sure as hell will


I agree with you Donald


a peek into the tent 5 minutes before lights on…the 2 plants have filled the tent, the buds and leaves are hitting the sides…34 days in a 12/12 schedule

I am still waiting for a new 60x loupe/magnifier…a China purchase from March 26, still on the way…I hope I get to use it on these plants!


Now turn your light schedule to 11 on and 13 off for two weeks than 14 off and 10 on and watch how see put on the resin .


Thanks yoshi, first I have to see what damage I’ve done to my girls.

when I talked with the Advanced Nutrients support, they weren’t comfortable with a photo of the roots…one person there recommended a H2O2 bath…150ml in a filled 5 gallon bucket for 12 hours. That number scared me, like their recommended initial dose of nutrients, a little high.

So I gave them a series of baths, with increasing H2O2…I started at 40ml peroxide in the bucket, next day 60ml, next day 90ml…and today, 125ml in a full bucket, to the lid for one hour.

After that hour, I gave them fresh nutes with Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and B52…
It’s been two hours, no bad signs.

Edit: next day, everything looking good


Is H2O2 just for hydro or soil as well? If it’s good for soil, will the 3 percent from the first aid isle work, or do you have to go with garden supply?