...O.G., DWC & Me


This is an updated photo of my lil girl taking her time to stretch enough for me to start the scrog training , but I made some adjustments to the light height and turned on the flower switch at about 25% with the veg switch on full power , but the other light has no switches , but it’s getting about 46,000 lumens to the canopy right now and temps are still in good range , but I’m sure she will perform and produce . The only difference is a bigger pot but I should of went with a smart pot instead of a hard plastic pot , are just used the 3 gallons I’ve had success with in earlier grows .



Well my veg room is shut down all my ladies are in flower now moved 2 2 plant hydro set ups into flower they are as big as my plants 3 weeks in flower already


I’m getting the aroma!! It doesn’t smell like just any green plant in a bucket of water anymore…when I stick my head in the tent I get that musky smell…not intense, but it’s happening.


I have to plan ahead my steps for res changes…they are awkward moving around, and only gonna get worse (I hope).
I had paper and pencil and plotted it like a football game plan, one bucket here, move it there, get the other bucket on the other side, go back to bucket one, move bucket two…

@yoshi fresh nutes, AN ph perfect Micro, Blossom, Voodoo Juice and 1/2 tsp Bud Blood…ppm came to 1275…I lowered them for the last time, leveled them for lighting at the top, got the fans set up…back to staring at them, looking for dead and dying old fan leaves…already thinking about the next grow and how to improve it, for the plant and me.


nice healthy root mass you have there ladies are looking awesome ppm is about perfect


Well finally you’ve made it this far fighting the grueling work In hydro , but finally huh , but you will definitely be content with your final product . But it’s never stops on what you can do better in your next grow , it’s never ending trust me .


Don’t go anywhere!!! Weeks and weeks left for things to happen.
It is more work, nothing difficult just time consuming. If you can get “pH perfect” to work properly, that takes the most time, keeping pH in the right range.


lmao if you seen the room I plan to set up my next grow in you would laugh think 10 x 10 7ft ceilling and a tunnel in lmao


Perfect! You can use it as a shelter during the Zombie Apocalypse!! :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin: :alien:


had a friend come with me to inspect he said whole shit place has a bomb shelter built in lol


That would make the perfect grow room…fresh air? water? temp control? venting?

Don’t get overwhelmed by the Grow space, sounds interesting


lol fresh air venting and heat should be no problem since room above it is unfinished I can run ducts and bonus panel box is right above too :wink:


some new pics…


looking good


Wow, looking Awsome. Man, it’s great watching yours and others while waiting for mine.


coming up to the fifth week 12/12…5-6 more weeks?
AN pH perfect, modified a bit, less Micro and Grow cause my girls react to N, more Bloom…Voodoo Juice and Big Bud.

Any recommendations for IR Laser temperature guns? I see them on ebay, $10 on up to over $100…since they are more or less affordable at the lower end, it seems a good investment for accurate temps.


The density of white hairs tells me that you may have some nice tight buds on the horizon. Yummy ,she looks nice. The stalk is looking like you have some nice aggressive growth. I’m gonna go give my babies some encouragement. Seeing that stalk gets me anxious for some aggressive growth of my own.


one plant


looking healthy