...O.G., DWC & Me


I also read somewhere on-line that kush plants will form some clawing of leaves, it’s just the plant type…any truth to that?
Easy enough to cut the Grow nutrient back a little on the one…it is the fuller of the 2 girls.
2 og kush plants, 2 different growth patterns.

Flowers forming, hairs sticking up…


I don’t know if the growing is slowing

the clawed one

two og kush, the last photo has the thermometer over the smaller one…the bushier, droopy leaf tipped one is on the right


every strain is slightly different so there could be some truth to that yes but only one of my plants had that reaction and it was a clone in dwc and it’s mother was in soil flowering beside it on a GH diet


I am watching the claws…I will change the buckets this weekend, my first chance, if things look worse…only one of your plants having the clawing doesn’t make me feel comfortable…
I wanted to clear away the old nutes anyways, do a flush between stages or nute brand change.


DWC verse soil in soil I flush prior to flower and adjust diet so both ppm an N are lower for first few weeks as plant is more or less on a diet of my choosing, in DWC I ran Ph perfect line as directed since I was testing it at the time so 16ml grow micro and bloom per gal. My Gh flora line I run 5ml grow 10ml micro 10ml bloom plus bud blood for first week then 5/10/15 second reduce or remove bud blood by fourth week I am no longer adding any grow it’s straight lucas from there 10/20 for 2-3 more weeks


yep, 60ml/4 gal is recommended, 15ml/gal…I ended up at 40ml/4 gal, brought ppm to 1300 for me AN GMB…10 ml is about 333 ppm for me

I had residual bud blood and Great White hanging around in the bucket from previous applications, maybe screwing with pH perfect. I can Lucas them…not using BBlood anymore…maybe, probably not…


Bud blood is trigger agent it reduces stretch increasing bud production while reducing both height of plant and and time for true flower to start and is AN product so that and great white should have little effect on ph or ppm bud blood at full dose is around 300 ppm


The bud spacing looks tight, I have never watched a plant grow before and been aware of so much. What a high :grin:


You doing good , she will stretch about 2 1/2 more inches but about the 5-6 week of flower while she budding , but you really need to get them to 14-00-1650 ppm for real with Advance nutrients , PH 6.2 and all your other stuff you do and watch the resin trichomes after about week 8 in bloom . You gone love that Kush smoke , hits really smooth but hard all at the same damn time , good buzz for about 3 hours . My next scrog will be cheese and Kush together .


@Kangobuster you can take them off the crates now , put your oscalating fan in between the top of your plants and the HPS to move the air a little , and bump up that PPM to 1400-1650 , she ready to eat and put on that wieght .


I was wondering when I could remove the crates :raised_hands: I’ll still raise them off the concrete floor, tho, kind of cold and hard to drain unless it’s a little off the floor. There’s about 12 inches between light and plants, heat is at 78F-82F, water temp 62F-64F.

I’ll start raising the ppm…just a little slower for one, it seems more sensitive to feedings.

Edit: I got the fans in place, one between the plants and the light, and the oscillator underneath pointing up between them, the only place it fit right now and probably forever.
I’ll take the crates out on bucket change day…kind of awkward with air hoses to work with…I can raise the light a little more, it is easier to inspect them when they are higher (me too). I’m looking under their canopies for yellowing leaves now.


If you can raise the lights that will work find.


I want to drop the Grow…too much nitrogen for my girls. It’s sad to look at the leaves I harmed.

Any ideas on Advanced Nutrients pH perfect and no Grow? I’ll find out in a few days next bucket change, but I’d like to be prepared.

I got used to adjusting pH, I miss it and that level of getting involved.


Shouldn’t be any issues you may get to adjust your ph again :wink:


Adjust is one thing, fight the plant pH and the nutes adjusting/not adjusting is a fight I want to investigate. I’m just not sure how dropping the Grow will affect the self adjusting ph.

Then I’ll be adding bud blood again, or not, I’ll read up about that, eat a cookie and decide. I always make the right decisions medicated :fearful:


rolmfao AN says 2 week max on bud blood but I have heard good results from running it light into 4 weeks also have to consider they want you to buy more products so they suggest different products every week or 2 through whole flower


I’ve read the plants could benefit from a P-K boost thru flower till flush, just cut back the N.
Bud Blood thru flower?

So many chemicals…marijuana is a gate way to all this.


@kabongster what week in flower are you in right now ? But if you been adding bloom to the grow for at least 2 weeks and cutting back the grow , by now it would be safe to give full bloom nutrients only and start to find the max ppm they like by raising by 50 each week into week 4 of flower . But are you using Sensi Bloom A & B cause I had to still PH my nutrients for bloom at 6.2 each feed , cause Advance nutrients always ph to 5.8 automatically , and I had no issues at 6.2 in mixed soil with coco .


Monday, tomorrow, that will be the start of week 4 at 12/12, they have gone thru three weeks.

No Sensai bloom, just bud blood and voodoo juice, pH perfect Micro and Bloom.
I’ll aim for 1300-1400 ppm.

I see frost starting :raised_hands:


Oh yeah if it’s starting to build resin , they definitely ready to feed at a higher PPM so they can build be buds .