...O.G., DWC & Me


you are too generous with your compliments…healthy, I like to think of the plants like the American financial institution…too big to fail, or die, at the moment…if I can maintain the basics, the plants are large enough to live unless I ignore them two or three days and pH gets totally out of hand.


I have more than him I could borrow from and I could liquidate many things in my house to scrape together cash chain saws boxing gear Game systems truck computer nearly 2lb’s of weed lmao I could scrape easy 8k together in a couple months given right anger level and motivation to rub shit in some ones face :wink:


If I really wanted to be an ass I could partner up with the guy we fired this year and start a company


Partnering and starting a business isn’t a stupid move if it is planned…can the area use another business? Can you live while business builds? Can you work day in and day out with your future partner?
Being your own boss, no days off, long hours, insurance, listening to mad customers (even weather related delays will be your fault).

Or borrow with less drama somewhere else…I’m glad I’m not you.


It feels good to others reach success , and if the plant is healthy that’s when you done an amazing job .


Well that went about as well as expected looked at place with boss there is another offer pending and while we were there another person came by to look at the place. Lit a fire under my bosses ass when I told him I couldn’t even bid without the money he offered up front lmao his response was will have cheque and letter for me tomorrow


Great job homie !!!


So much for a low starting offer…now how close to the asking price are you willing to go, do you really want it? Are you willing to go higher than the asking price? Better get your absolute final highest price you’ll pay figured out, and stick to it.


honestly want the place to go did whole thing as carrot to express urgency of action on the loan it worked flawlessly now with cash in hand have more options. Nothing worse than the place he wants me located at going in front of his nose lol this would be the second one since I first talked to him about it


a little root porn

and a little more these ones are my recent air clones just taking off

figured I would post a little


Sorry lights are on folks but I take pics when I can


I didn’t take lower fan leaves off…no attempt to, all I ever did was fold the oldest, largest out of the way.
I see lollipopped plants all the time, but I left mine on to die…I like seeing the progression but did I miss some important part of the process by not cutting the leaves off early? I snipped lower side branches, left the leaves.

Dying fan leaves from old age never bothered me, but do they bother the plant?

at a personal level, I can’t wait for them to die, they are in the way…old and in the way…uh-oh, reminds me of someone I know…:older_man: …I need a cookie…


lol I cut dieing plant matter off for disease prevention the vegging ladies above are all lollipop simply because they crowded out light and lower limbs will never reach enough good light in flower I had no room to train them since as you can see veg room is packed I pull 2 plants out to check ph and water all are getting either culled or pushed through flower starting next weekend as I am prepping to move and my partner wants them gone


it’s done…no more ILGM fertilizing, that experiment is over…not enough Flower to continue, and a full bottle of Mass left untouched.
One set of nutes, it wasn’t enough to finish the grow for my two hungry DWC girls… I’ll mix the remaining into my outdoor auto grow.

Advanced Nutrients time. The plants went in today, recommended ppm was too high, lowered it for now, about 1300, watching…babysitting time too, schools out for vacation…life is tough, checking the plants without getting caught and a too curious kid in the house.

An AN response to my asking, nothing special for transition from one nute brand to another. What a learning experience, all on my first grow. A crash course, just give me a harvest.


Which Advance nutrient for bloom you have ? Sensi bloom or Connisuer bloom ? But for your ppm how far in flower are you right now ? 1400 ppm if you past week 3 in flower , they hungry and ready to eat lots of water and good PH perfect nutrients ? What’s your PH ?


@yoshi…I have the “hobbyist” set of nutes…what @iceberg has… B52, Overdrive, Voodoo juice and Big Bud only. I read the back of the connoisseur stuff, “for people that know what they are doing” and that scared me off. For this first week of new brand of nutrients, I just used Micro, Grow, and Bloom. Trying to Keep It Simple for my first grow.
The recommended ppm was 2000, I dropped it to 1300, not far from your number!
The girls just finished the two weeks 12/12, they had their first full week changeover, week 1.

I watched pH but did nothing as it climbed which it always does with a new bucket. I even called Advanced Nutrients and talked to support. They said “don’t worry, the chelation covers pH swings”, so I went to bed, wondering what condition my plants would be in the next day.
The leaves looked fine after sitting in the new nutes all day yesterday…on my way to check on the girls soon.


Lights are on…they are alive! :raised_hands: pH is not perfect…Watching…

one girl looks okay, ppm went from 1300 to 1200…but the other, larger girl, her ppm went down 200 to 1100 and has a few leaf tips drooping and some clawing, about 10 tips, maybe 3 flowers…Watching for more, too much nitrogen? Is a 200 drop overnight okay, I expect 100?

Edit…I stared at them for 30 minutes. It looks like the leaf tip droop is not worse, maybe better, may be my imagination. The clawing is only a few blades on a few tips, not progressing…over all, a good look for the day after a fertilizer brand change.
I checked, it was 15 days ago lights went 12/12.


lol decided to not check on my ladies today figure since I am culling 5 didn’t hurt much to let them be for a day or 2 found a nice property 40 acre less than 15 min from town nice location but lots of fence to put in and right at top of my budget like the one with shop and basement a bit more but 37 acre’s of treed and 3 acres cleared


@ Kangoboster do you think bumping them up to about 1400 ppm might help the clawing , I’m asking for when I’m in this situation ?


the clawing is a sign of too much nitrogen easier to adjust with a 3 part line it shouldn’t effect yield much so long as it doesn’t cause burn. I had same thing happen with ph perfect because I followed directions not my judgement which said nutes rarely get added in even ratios. I simply reduced the highest nitrogen additives ratio the claws stayed but it didn’t form more