...O.G., DWC & Me

I agree always something that can be done. I think I’m gonna go get a DWC setup tomorrow either a diy or a kit that comes with everything like the one I saw that you posted the

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Yeah the general hydroponic waterfarm system is a really good DWC drip feed system , I just couldn’t get my water level right and I think I drowned my roots and killed my seedling my first time trying , but it’s not to bad in cost and it has everything you need , but the air pump you might want to upgrade to a better brand , and a bigger air stone is all you might have to add separate but for as a set up they work great . I have just the single bucket square model , but I like the big octagon shape model which I think is bigger , but my local store only had the square single bucket set up , but you can find them on Amazon or EBay I’m sure my friend .

U taking about this one

I was checking It out as wen I was looking at them it’s like 10 bucks more than the smaller one at my local hydro store.

Yes that’s it and it’s what I paid for my square version , same exact price …wow , but yeah I think it has more room for roots , which means the bigger the roots , the bigger the fruits ?

Now I bought a bigger stronger pump and a 4 inch round air stone to create more bubbles , I used the pump that came with the bucket for the the top drip feed and the stronger pump for the air stone for more fine bubbles to get better oxygen in the bucket .

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Have you checked out this type air diffuser for your bucket…post 11 I think…

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So is the top drip feed basically for a smaller plant that doesn’t have big enough roots to reach bucket or are you suppose to use it thoroughly the entire grow?

The general pump than already quit working , but the sun leave pump did great for the top feed and the big pump works awesome for air stone and bubbles .

I’m not sure Boney but Kangoboster or DonaldJ might can answer , I want to say threw the whole grow from beginning to end but I have not done a hydro grow yet my friend .

Gothcha bro I’m thinking the same thing. My little brother once had the exact setup as yours. I just can remember if he used it from beginning to end but I wanna say that he did. Ima check them out tomorrow when I go to hydro store. I’ll let you guys know which one I decide to go with.

You might want to get an extra pump , cause the general hydroponic pump quit on me in about 4 days it stop pumping air , and I had the sun leaves pump as a spare , but bought the big pump for the 4 inch air stone . From my understanding the more fine bubbles you get , helps to give your roots more oxygen if I’m not mistaken .

Wow 4 days damn. I’ll definitely get a bigger better one thanks for the tip man.

I’m sure it’s cheap built , but sun leaves is not bad in cost and they work really good , now that other pump in the photo is ah lil loud but it pumps lots of air and it runs cool , I thought it would get ah lil warm but it didn’t at all , but it won’t hurt to have a extra stand by pump , cause you don’t want to be in the middle of a grow and your pump goes out , the store close and you in dyer need asap !!!

Yea don’t won’t that shit happening for sure bro. Btw your WW is looking great man is Amazing how quick she bounced back after the transplant. Looks like she loved those roids lol

I’m completely shocked truthfully , but I didn’t expose no roots , as I up rooted her I sprayed the soil to keep it together around the roots , and put her in the big pot and packed the soil around it and than I sprayed 6 ounces of nutrients I stated mixed ph at 5.8 and she is already perking her leaves , I’m amazed , never had a plant recover that fast ever in all of my 6 grows .

This what I used until the plant gets big enough to be actually watered . But that is another common mistake most beginners make by over watering , when all you need is to mist seedlings they first 3 weeks once they sprouted .

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Yea thts good shit bro looks like you’ve been keeping her happy n healthy. Didn’t you have her under an LED?

Was that the first time she’s ever gotten nutes?

Yeah I had the advance led veg switch on her for about a day and it works great , but to me seedlings seems to thrive better under CFL lights I think , but that’s just my opinion . Now once she grow a little I think she can handle that led better , so I turned it off for now and I’m just using a CFL 6500K light and it seems to be doing better I think cause the light is much closer than the Led was or could be , cause that Advance light is very strong and it’s wattage is almost accurate compared to most brands that’s out on the market .

Yeah that’s the first dose of sauce she had since she started her journey .