NYC Diesel/ Week 8 flower... first timer, how's she lookin?


Hey all, this is my first hydrogrow, and I just wanted to get some feedback from the vets here on this forum on how I’m lookin. She’s NYC Diesel & she’ll be starting week 8 of flower this Saturday. Its growing DWC, and I’ve been using the Technaflora recipe for success batch of nutes at 40% of the suggested for most of the grow. When I switched to 12/12, I flushed, and I dropped to 35% and added Terpinator to the regiment. My temps hover between 70-75 degrees, and I’ve maintained 40-50% humidity the entire grow. PH was a steady 6.0 thru veg, and I had what appeared to be some slight nute burn on the tips and some nitrogen tox. at about week 5.5… so I dropped the PH to 5.6 and flushed for 24 hours. Went back to nutes at 25% week 6 then back to 35% in week 7. Oh, and for lighting I used a ViparSpectra 450 thru veg. and switched the light to a SunSystems 250w HPS at 12/12. The pic doesn’t really do em justice, but there are quite a few red hairs, just more white right now. I’m mostly clear, with a few cloudy trich’s so I’m just keeping an eye on her. I just wanted to know how much longer she may have to go… I’m thinking 3 weeks, maybe 4. Thoughts?


Man they look great , fantastic job


Thanks! I really been learning a lot just lurking around the forums. I trained it as best I could… she’s bushy as hell, but I managed to keep her in the cabinet ok.


Used fishing sinkers to lst her. Lol


Gotta few older pics I’m gonna upload tonight. If anybody has any insight on when I should should start flush & expect to harvest(approximately) I’m all ears and any insight would be greatly appreciated. I wanna finish these right! Thanks!


Very nice! :+1:


Thanks! Really love the craft and wanna get better! That’s why I’m here.


This was around week 5 right before I started getting tip burn… think I may have lost a weeks time making the adjustments, but she responded fine.


End of week 4 after stretch was done. Used fishing sinkers to LST her to shape. Made it convenient when I needed to tie down without very many anchor points inside of the cabinet. I place the LED in just to get decent pics at lights out … I hate pics in HPS light.


Looking fantastic. When I was growing DWC I used the TechnaFlora line as well. Worked great for me. I was using that with a combination of Beastie Bloom and ChaChing for the end. If you are using a supplement like that just be very careful. I used them at 1/4 str of recommended after learning some hard lessons. DWC is great but unforgiving as well. You are doing a great job. Keep It Up!!!


Thanks! I’m satisfied thus far with the technaflora lineup that I’ve used, but I’ve been seeing the great results others have had with other brands… I’m eager to expirement with some others on future runs. The product im really interested in is Flawless Finish, but unfortunately I didn’t prepare to have it on hand this go round. I reckon my flush period is coming fast, so I’m gonna go without it this time. Kinda nervous about timing my flush. Any advice?