Nyc diesel: time to check trichomes?

First time grower. Nyc diesel autos. They have been flowering for roughly 35 days. Is it close to closing time? Started giving them plain water yesterday. These are 1 of the colas from each of the 3 plants


No way ready abourlt 4 to 6 weeks how long’s she been flowering


D is correct… you have several weeks to go. Get that fed back in there for at least 2 more weeks and you’ll be happy. Lots more weight to put on.

They have been flowering for 35days. Nyc diesel autos

Very pretty!

Generally speaking, 8 weeks (56 days) flowering is near the minimum…

Atleast 5 weeks minimum then

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Hey @Lilpo0ts , welcome to the forum.
Like others have said you are still early. The first plants we grow seem like they take forever to mature.
There are 2 things that you need to look for if you want the best harvest.

  1. The pistils (white hairs) will almost all turn brown and dry up. Like in this pic…

    Click on it to enlarge it and you will see a couple new pistils but almost all are brown and dried up.
  2. The resin glands (trichomes) will look milky and not clear plus a small amount will have turned amber or caramel in color. See Newts post about this.
    We promise you its worth waiting for the right time. Almost every one of us went through what you feel right now. The temptation to harvest it now is strong. But it will get bigger and heavier if you wait till its ready. Plus the THC content will be far more than it is right now.
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Im a hardcore bowhunter at heart. Waiting is my forte. Just had no clue what to look for. I dont want couch lock if i can help it.You guys are very helpful. Heres an overall of my canopy. Theres a couple colas in the background also.

Am i on the right track? Or do i need to reassess my methods?


Right track! Things look good in there. Nice work

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Good looking plants for sure.
You got feeding and lighting down I would say.
You should attempt to grow photo period plants at some point.
I found them easier and far more productive. And they can grow as big or as small as you wish. If you find a plant you really love you simply clone it.

Everyone already mentioned everything correctly, so I’ll just say you’re on the right track, and they look great. Get a microscope, and start checking trichomes when pistils are mostly brown.

Nice colors! Great job! Prob a few more weeks so they bulk up.

Buds loose 1/2 their size during drying. You want those as fat as possible…sometimes its not possible, lol…