NYC diesel auto

NYC Diesel auto 15 days old.


What kind of soils is that. Looks awful woody. Plant looks healthy tho. Nice job so far

That is just some sterilised wood chips. I put a layer on top of the actual potting mix. It helps with pests

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Looks great for 15 days!

NYC DIESEL 3 weeks 2 days

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NYC DIESEL auto, at 9 weeks. 2-3 weeks left to go…

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Pity I didn’t purchase the seeds for it here. Otherwise I would put it up for bud of the month when it is finished. But I have started a blueberry dream and a Gorilla glue 2 days ago. So hopefully I can get some similar results with them and enter them when they are ready!!!

These heads are the size of my fist and are just becoming more dense by the day!!!

Not long now, these are pictures from day 72. Maybe 1 week left. Before I hear all of the negatives about the lack of density, I had issues due to unseasonal weather that was high humidity and high heat. So my intake to cool my tent down wasn’t working well enough and no matter what I did the humidity and heat were way to high(I’m only growing small amounts and can’t afford expensive equipment)