NY journal, first with autos, the journey so far

@Luckyrider looking good!!! All my girls are just over 5 weeks other than one auto which is around 4 weeks and also my photo’s which are probably closer to 7 weeks. I haven’t gotten a chance to check on my girls in the wild but I will make sure to today and compare growth!!! I still have one that is producing crispy and yellowish leaves and is definitely stunted. I’ll tag you in my journal in a bit.

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Nice update. Things are looking great there. :+1: Nice update

@Not2SureYet Thanks :grin:

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The girls are looking nice! I have 3 seedlings growing in my greenhouse and they seem to be doing well. I do take them outside on really hot days, but I’m getting to old to keep moving the heavy pots around…lol!
Keep up the great grow!

The two in the greenhouse were carried in and out only when they were small to harden them to the strong sun. After about a week or so they were good to go. Once I transplanted those to 5 gallon pots they have been in the greenhouse ever since. Kinda hard to move around so I know what your talking about! They still get all the strong sun they can handle and HEAT and Humidity. With the weather lately the temps can go to 100 or 110 with really high humidity. Temps in the 90s are more normal and I just make sure they don’t dry out and the door and window vents in the roof stay open. I haven’t seen any sign of stress and they seem to love it like that, me not so much. With the nights staying warm I am expecting the development to soar, we will see.

My girls have now completed 3 full weeks in the bloom stage. The first photos are of the garden grow. My 4 runts are still runts and the rest are in various stages of development.

The rest are of the greenhouse girls and it appears the are loving the environment!


The plants are looking good.
Are you giving them any additional nutes? I’m still experimenting with them, (nutes), but my second grow is definitely doing better than the first.

I bought some Fox Farms Big Bloom recently. I only used it once so far mixed to half strength. There didn’t appear to be any problems so I will increase the dose to full strength (4 tablespoons per gallon) and they will get a good feeding once a week until almost harvest time. I don’t know if or how much it will help but I have seen it mentioned in the forum several times. I waited until halfway through their 3rd week of flowering to start, hope it helps and I know it can’t hurt.

You said you are trying nutes as well, what are you using and what results have you seen?

Since this is my first ‘real’ grow… Usually I grow about 5 regular photos. I plant them, give them water and that’s it! And still get about 10 crap ounces of whatever it is I’m smoking. Nothing to call home about but at least it saved me $$!
This year I was following the ILGM grow bible… I seriously think they need a new testament!!!
So I started with a 20 20 20 followed by a 10 30 20 at flowering. It’s not going great coz the buds appear to be thin all round.
Just started my second grow… the initial soil is a mix of soil, compost, peat, worm castings and bat guano. After week 3 I’m going to jacks 321.
As long as I can get about 12 Oz’s by the end of season I’ll be happy, (somewhat happy)! Lol

I started with just 10 10 10 with the first transplant. More of the same with the final move. I used to rely on the manure from the animals we raised but those days are gone now. I get how you grew, plant em water em pick em, hahaha. Been that route often enough.
It was always just get the harvest nature gives you. This year is so vastly different I’m getting quite a learning curve. I just look at my girls and seem to have no idea what is supposed to happen next. All seems great to me and other then the size difference I really like the autos so far. The harvest, quality and quantity, will be the telling of the tale.
Good luck with your second grow! I gotta believe each one will get better and better. I’ll be interested in how your nutes compare from one to the next.
I’m with ya, if can get 12 ozs at harvest I will be super happy.

Saturday 7/10 update. Everything seems to be doing well with my grow. The proof will be in another month or so I guess. The garden is a bit behind the greenhouse.

There are lots of buds on some and others not so much and all are looking frosty to varying degrees.
The greenhouse girls have been the most successful so far with both branch and bud development. It looks like they still have a long way to go but I see that as a good thing. Touching these things anywhere will leave the fingers sticky and with a strong smell!

The grow is now 8 weeks old and have just completed their 4th full week in flowering.

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Everything seems to be going well. The greenhouse plants look like they are filling in nicely.
We had a lot of rain over the past couple of weeks and not too much sunshine, maybe that’s why the outdoor plants aren’t doing as well as the greenhouse ones, but they do look good.
I’ve been juggling my plants around… unless I’m growing a photo the 5 gal containers are officially bye bye!

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I wish the weather was better but that is a normal lament of a gardener no matter what is being grown. Warm nights help but sun would go a long way to boosting the girls for sure. Doesn’t look like the weather pattern will change much in the near future either. Nature, it is what it is.
The greenhouse girls are in 5 gallon pots but I will check the root system at harvest to see they were the right size for them.
I did notice some discoloration of some lower fan leaves and thought maybe the Big Bloom I mixed up was a bit strong at full strength. I just fed them again the other day at a half strength mixture and will see if it continues, The dirt I used at the start had some fertilizer mixed with it and should have been good for about 3 months so maybe that had something to do with the issue.

I’ve heard that some of the lower leaves start to yellow when an auto is in flower. That is normal.
After week 4 I am cutting the 2 sets of 3 fan leaves and the first set of 5 fan leaves. In my second grow it is showing a significant difference.

Just want to correct myself. I cut the 2 sets of 3 fan leaves only. NOT the first set of 5.

What @Spiridly said. This is an OGK Auto at about 72 Days from drop. The lower fan leaves are starting to yellow. I will probably let them go and do straight water from here but like he noted yellow leaves at the bottom late I think is ok. Early not so much. Go Northern New York growers btw. Who says you can’t grow good weed in Southern Canada?


And sorry to jump on your post. I use Fox Farm nutes also and generally run at around 50 or 60% to stay on the safe side and its the Tiger Bloom that usually gives me burn when I add it. Big Bloom and Grow Big seem to give me less trouble. Though I have to be careful with my soil also. If its hot, maybe like your fertilizer situation I have to dial back the nutes. Another grower a few years back also got me into layering the soil. Not sure if thats something you are into or have tried but it moves you throw mild to hot soil from top to bottom. Plants kind of automagically get what they need as they grow and I don’t add nutes at all now until much later as a result and can add fewer. Not that any of that answers your yellow leaf question specifically. But I would not panic if they are the lower fan leaves and you are well into flower. Other more experienced growers may differ and I would follow their lead however, the plant in my photo could be dead in a week from a mistake I have made that is isn’t evident yet for all I know. :slight_smile:

Looks great. Fellow NNY, outside Pdam.


I will be near there in the Black River Valley, near my alma mater next weekend. @BowHunt3r. And I have friends that have been thrown out of Canton College. :slight_smile: Great to see the NNY growers on here.


@Luckyrider so it looks like the early results of the test are a green house win? Ladies are all looking great though!