NY journal, first with autos, the journey so far

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but wanted to show others about my plants and share the grow. This is in northern NY, way north and the first time with an auto flower. I bought the ILGM White Widow and started them as soon as I got them. I used the wet paper towel method and after two day I had a 100% germination. These were planted and two days later all ten were showing green above the dirt surface, happy birthday girls!

One week later I transplanted them to larger pots to live until the final transfer. First 2 photos are at one week and the second two photos are after the transplanting.


The next photos are at two weeks old. They have been hardening off in the bright sun and have adjusted nicely.

Today they are three weeks old. My thought is to wait one more week and the transplant them for their final time, two to large pots to live in the greenhouse until harvest (an experiment) and the rest to go to the outside garden to live with their other plant friends, vegetables and flowers.

I would like to experiment with lst but am not sure when to start seeing that I will be stressing them with the next transplant. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks all.


Looking good, I normally dont lst my autos but there’s plenty of growers that do with great success, you could start to bend em over now if you wanted, but I’d get em in their permanent home, give it a week or so, see how they react, then start training, a few options there,

Looking great. LST is easier than you think. Check the ILGM Grow Guide and it will give you all the specs on performing training. Cannabis is resilient and responsive. Have fun.

Looking good thus far but i few pointers when working with autos……
They love the “easy ride” grow(Hate stressers)
Highly recommend they be planted in their “home pot” from the beginning IF POSSIBLE

Keep in mind these are autos so they on their own time so to speak!

Main goal with autos is get going strong off the rip and keep it that way, any hiccups in your grow will affect the outcome one way or another…

Nice to see fellow NYers on here…refreshing🤩


Northern NY as in southern Canada? North country grower myself

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Near the Adirondacks. The short season has always been a drawback and frost usually came before buds any bigger then a large bean.

Water safari bruhhhhhhh

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Thats like lower adks tho I’m not too far from you haha

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I’m between canada and the northern ADK Park border


I have a family cabin not far from water safari

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Hell yeah man!

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Old Forge and the surrounding area is awesome!

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Update on my grow.

I was going to wait until they were a full 4 weeks old to transplant my girls but I decided to check on the root system this morning. The first 2 photos show their progress and the 3rd is the largest one next to the pot it will live in from now on.

This next one represents how the roots have developed and I thought it was time.

I picked out the 2 largest plants for the big pots and they are to live
in the greenhouse until harvest.

The remaining girls went directly into the garden dirt. Don’t let the dry soil fool you, all were thoroughly watered in.

All are at day 24 since showing green above the dirt. There is still a long way to go but they are in their final home. The day turned out perfect with a very light rain and overcast.


Those my friend are what I would categorize as being pretty ladies. They look awesome.


Your plants look really healthy. I’m also in NY. Won’t it be too hot inside the greenhouse in the summertime? I had temps at over 110 in mine on Sunday.

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The two in the greenhouse are kind of an experimental grow. We have grown cucumbers and tomatoes there before and the plants really liked it. The door and windows are left open for the rest of the year but it does get hot in there. I have read both opinions, that the heat stresses the autos too much and that they love the sun and heat, thus the experiment. The plants I grew when I was young showed themselves to be very hearty, tough and resilient especially once they have passed their tender youth phase although this is the first greenhouse grow. Autoflowers are different but I am trying them as I would have in the past. Hopefully the learning curve won’t be too drastic. At least in pots if they look to be in serious trouble I can pull them out.

I hate needing to be patient to see the results. I have no idea what to expect for time frame, size, flowering or yield. I will try to keep my expectations low to avoid disappointment.

I checked them this morning and so far all are looking great with no stress problems at all but time will tell.

I hate the being patient part also!
If you don’t mind, next time you post pics could you just add avg greenhouse temp also. If it doesn’t stress your plants then I’ll definitely give it a try. The garden pests are starting to give me a hard time. The greenhouse would be a great solution.

Update as of June 19th.
My grow is 5 weeks old today. All are in various degrees of early flowering, some started about 5 or 6 days ago with the rest up to a couple days ago.
The greenhouse grow seems to be doing the best. The tallest is now at 24 inches and her sister is 22 inches.

The buds seem to have grown even since yesterday and looks like they will be merging into big buds!
I had questions before on how the greenhouse was doing. There is an automatic window on the roof of the 10x12 structure. It opens when the temp inside hits about 70 degrees. I go by this window opening to tell me when to open up everything. The 3 other roof windows get opened all the way and the sliding door is opened for good air flow. Even with this it gets pretty hot inside with temps easily in the low triple digits. I simply make sure they are watered as necessary and they are just loving the hot strong sunshine.
The outdoor garden seem to be doing well too. Heights are between 12 and 18 inches.

I attempted to FIM some of the girls with various degrees of success. So far these have gone through 3 thunder storms that produced a couple pretty heavy downpours. Other then splashing dirt onto some leaves all came through just fine. I did notice some insect damage and a single rose bug so I treated them with “eight” pest spray to get them under control early, hopefully this won’t need to be repeated as they age. After this pics I weeded what little weeds I could see and mulched with dry straw. In the past this has worked well for weed control and keeping the moisture in the soil.
It has been cool and cloudy lately and they do better the more hot sun they can get. We are expected to have good conditions but will have so cold temps soon that might slow the growth.
So far, with 5 weeks in and 1 week in flower I am more than pleased with the outcome.
Comments are appreciated, thanks all for listening.


Weekly Update.

Today marks 6 weeks above the soil and 2 weeks in flower.

ILGM White Widow Autos

Although I check my girls at least twice daily and most times more, I have been trying to update every Saturday to mark their weekly progress with photos and comments.

First I’ll show some comparison photos of some of the girl. 1st of last week and 2nd the same girl today.

I put tomato cages around them and there are 3 horizontal rings on them. In the 1st photo she isn’t above the 2nd ring and the 2nd she is above the 3rd, I was impressed.

1st is the total garden shot from last week and the 2nd is today. I mulched them with clean straw to help with moisture retention and to discourage the weeds.

My greenhouse girls from last week.

And from this week.

I’m pleased and impressed with the grow so far. Some of the garden girls are very short at about 12 inches but very dense. The rest are all stretched with lots of space between nodes where I am think all the bud growth will happen. I can see frosting on the bud leaves and enlarging the photos makes them very plain.

I have mostly left them to do their own thing only moving a few big fan leaves so they weren’t shading bud sights. At some point I’ll remove a few but it’s nice to just see them growing free!!

Anyway, I like the differences I’m seeing over the week and look forward to a month or so of development and maturing.


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I hope you can see the latest update to my journal.