NY Going LegalšŸ„³

Itā€™s about time! Get ready for some fresh new growers, ladies and gents!


NM senate is voting soon too. I really hope this snowball keeps rolling


I was afraid they wouldnt allow home growing, just wanting the tax revenue from dispensaries. But the last I read, 6 plants, 3 in either stage, was going to be allowed.


Ny grower here. Yeah I can have up to 12 for the household. Have to wait 18 months. But been doing what mother nature intended for years anywhere so whats 18 more months lmao


It is great news! :star_struck:


It will be nice to not have to look over our shoulders!

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True! And instead of having a guerilla grow. Can have em in the back yard. Just have to make sure to keep the thieves at bay

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That is a huge problem where I live. Thatā€™s why I tried inside. I was robbed 4 out of 5 years outside. I gave up.
Want to sell and move to the boonies asap


Did you live in a village? What kind of fence did you have and what kind of area/neighbors did you have. Ill end up adding more cameras. Im in a village right now but moving to the country soon hopefully. I have a fenced in yard but that means nothing

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I grow indoor, but I live in the sticks anyways. I will do both when the time comes


I do both now lmao I did a few in the back yard. It was Durban poison. Low odor strain might just have to block the view from the one side of the neighbors and I should be good

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Congrats ny!


Fences, doors and locks only keep out honest people.

I live in a relatively large city. Most of my neighbours are like us and were robbed of there outdoor plants also.
Itā€™s a common occurrence in the city. I have cameras up now

I feel for all you urban dwellers, especially during this covid crap. Country living has its setbacks, but I cant think of any :joy:.


My aunt lives in the country I know ā€œsheā€ will have some.up there lmao i have a camera system ill install a few back there too. Its a small village not alot of crime but you never know now a days