Ny first time growing

first time here just wanted to post my grow so far, grow room is like 10ft by 6ft got mylar on walls I have 2 white widows 2 black widows and 2 chronic widows ffof soil, sunraise 2000 watt led replacement

light grow has been good so far


Welcome to the community.

Welcome – this is the place to be for any info and advice ya might need – all ya gotta do is ask… How far along is this grow? Looks nice


thanks man and I think like 4 or 5 weeks

Welcome any questions you have just ask and tag me. I’ll follow the thread but sometimes I miss posts. They look great so far. I use ocean forest through veg then use mega crop. Do you plan to train them ? A few things to look up: low stress training, high stress training, trellis net, mega crop. Other than that you look to have a nice set up!

Edit: just looked at the pics again. You may wanna consider uppotting into a 3 or 5gallon soon. Be careful how often you water. It’s better to water less often but always make sure you get some run off. Your roots need a dry period to grow so watering too often is a no no.

ok thanks I’ll look into it and yeah I usually water like once every four days for now and water till I see runoff and honestly i wasnt sure when to transplant I got 7 gal buckets


Looking good! Welcome to ILGM :v:

That works too. I use 7gallon smart pots. Buckets are fine just poke some holes on bottom and side!!

I just looked up your light buddy, not bad. Pulls 400w from wall. If I was you I would shrink room down to about 6x6 get another one of those lights or a couple of these Amazon.com
They look like legit hlg quantum board

If not you are going to be lacking during flower

thanks @HornHead I actually bought 1000 watt replacement light of the same light I have for that reason had a sale on it so well see if that works

To get serious lights in that space or even half that space I would invest $1000 in quantum board lights. The light you have now is great for vegg but lacking in flower. If no one has told you run just the vegg light for first 2 weeks then crank up both switches

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if I had the money to do that I would lol just trying to make do with what I got without getting a huge electric bill appreciate the info tho maybe by the time they hit flower I’ll have enough for another light anyone have opinions on adding nutes when they hit flower I heard the soil I got now is fine when in veg since it runs kinda hot I have some ph perfect micro grow and bloom?

ok guys so I’m concerned I have my plants in 7 gal home depot buckets and the roots are starting to come out of the bottom where I drilled drain holes not sure what to do should i transplant to bigger pots or should i leave em be due to hurting the root system when i go to repot @Wannabe @HornHead @elheffe702 @MotaMan

How much space do you have? How big are the plants, now? Auto or photo? Have they begun to flower yet? How often do you have to water them?

I have like a 10f by 8f room plenty of space I have 10 gallon cloth pots but with them being so wide dont think I would have adequate lighting if I were to transplant there in veg still not auto flowers I water about once every 4 days

You could put dirt in another bucket, then cut the bottom off what you are in now and set in in bucket. like stacking cups

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not a bad idea but then I’d just have to control plant height I think I might just end up buying more lights and putting in cloth pots and just try and be as careful as I can when extracting roots out of drain holes but definitely a good idea thanks

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If you’re watering every 4 days, I’d say there’s no rush to transplant, most likely. That said, being photos still in veg, the bigger the better if you have the space and time, and getting them into cloth and out of buckets will allow the soil to aerate better. Keep in mind they may grow up to 3x their size from when you induce flowering. If you let them veg a while longer, be prepared to deal with the height, or train them so that it’s not a problem. I’d personally (assuming I had the light to cover it) transplant them into something like 15 gallon cloth pots (since you have the 10 gallon ones, those would do fine), defoliate (why doesn’t that sound like the right word :thinking: ) the crap out of them, spread them out and supercrop them where needed to deal with height, then once they’re happy (if any of that upset them too much), flip them to 12/12, buckle up, and hang on! If you’re already concerned about lighting the entire canopy, you’ll definitely need more light once they take off. If they’re getting bigger than you expected, you’re doing it right! :smiley: :+1:

yeah that definitely is my best option ima do just that I’ll be getting 2 more leds soon I’ve never super cropped before so that will be a learning experience so once I get the lights I’m gonna defoliate supercrop then maybe wait week or 2 see how plants respond then do the flip like you said thanks for all the advice much appreciated

well my first grow was a success just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help along the way

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