Nuts with seedlings

6 of 8 popped not bad I guess? Can I use this now? It’s the only part of the system I have. image|375x500

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Absolutely no…you don’t need any nutrients at this stage. Now once they are past 14 to 30 days, then yes. If you do start at two weeks, only do like 1/3 dose. See how they react and keep going if all signs are good.


Don’t use nothing on them for 2 weeks and when you do introduce feeds start at 1/4 strength never more then that and work your way up to 1/2 strength. Happy growing :v:


Thanks for ur replies.

Like the above said. Also, i wouldn’t leave those 2 plants to share one pot.


This is one week in soil. 3 blaze ob1 crosses are looking good I think. Other two are ILGM super skunk the little one is hanging in there for now. All plants are autos