Nuts or watering problem? (need help)

Hi there guyz!

I’ve got yellow leaves the last 4 days and try to get some help. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated! :pray:

We are 51 day from sprout. Grown in super soil (11L aired pot) under LED bio bulbs. Watering usually 1/day (earlier -0.5L / now -1L).
Was absent for 3 days not so far and had watering problems (the schedule is enclosed below).

I wonder what that could be:

  • underwatering
  • overwatering
  • nuts burn
  • nuts defficiency - (Mg deficiency? Nitrogen?)
  • heat burn (I’m tight in space/hight and it’s about 32C at the top)
  • ph (I got no equipment to measure but I always use 3-days-defecate-water)

I’ve tried to do next:

  • Watered very well with 200% of Veg nuts (thinking its nitrogen deficiecy mb)
  • Bought pharmacy infusion 25%MgSO (Magnesium sulfate) to drop out Mg deficiency: used like 5ml / 0.5L solution for watering; 1ml / 0.5L solution for foliage.
  • added some new super soil

Dunno what to do / fell like stressed too. The plant looks tired and doesn’t smell like before…
History and more details on the plant link…

Thanks in advance! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Big yellow leaves stems after dirty LST…

My guess would be this with maybe even a bit of a phosphorous deficiency too.

What caused this deficiency is another question altogether. My guess on that question would be this.


I would stop doing this, 100% is more than enough, N given to the plants in those levels can have very bad results

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Today pics

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She loojs to have pulled through. Now. Your problem.

Super soil - depending on the recipe and how long u let it bake. Should have plenty of nutes for the age of your girls. And if they need small amounts of extra then maybe mixed wrong. But giving nutes to an already hotsoil sounds like a recipe for burnd plants. Also…

The first pic u though ‘hmmmm she looks hungry’ then i saw the other deficiencies and your feeding rate. Unless u got a VERY HUNGRY strain i think the obvious problem is pH. At differing levels she cannot take ib differing nutes. Thus causing a ‘lock out’. Please try to get a pH meter. It takes alotta guesswork out if the equation.


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I’m sorry I was not that correct not super soil (i didn’t bake it), but a good Mix:

  • highmoor/lowmoor peat
  • dolomitic meal
  • +drainage
  • 30%perlite
  • 15% river sand
  • +wood ash
  • +eggshell powder
  • mycorhiza bacteria

I use organic & mineral Veg nuts:
NPK: 5 / 2,5 / 3
+: microelements, vitamins(B1, PP), humate and growth stimulator (amber acid)

They recommend: 2.5ml / 1L water (roots) 1.25ml / 1L water (foliage)
Max level they say: 10 ml / 1L water

Got litmus ph paper:

  • water = 7
  • soil seems to be ~ 6
    (it was watered in the morning, so in the evening I took the moist soil from inside the pot, put the Ph Paper inside the soil and pressed it for about 5min)
    I’ll check tomorrow runoff water Ph to be totally sure.

Are there any homemade ways to adjust Ph?
I’ve got wood ash extract with 10ph and some lemon acid (food and medical), can I use it with cannabis plant?


Ive heard of both being used without problems. Maybe not as… long term as pH up n down. So to say. The chems last at the adjusted point longer. Think i remember a few people saying shortly after adjusting with household products it reverts to closer to original pH. Sorry i dont have references or better experience.

N on the soil. Baking helps the ingredients break down for the bacteria and the plant to more readily use the nutrition. Not a bad thing u didnt bake but i highly recommend doin so next time.

Everything else sounds great so far :+1:t5:

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@PurpNGold74 @MindlessCorpse @TDubWilly @daz49 @Pat2
You are absolutely right as it seems to me / speaking about the well-drained & relatively loose soils:

* the more “rush” [instant] acid we use - the more short effect is / +you can stress the plant playing with ph too sharp violent / +you can stress (and I get there is no other option) organics & bacteria

* it’s better to use organic compounds to adjust the Ph +to make the plant adjust to lower/higher Ph environment

Thats what I’ve managed to find asap on Ph UP/DOWN issue:


  • sulphur (slow-acting: week to month): a) 7 gr/10L pot (70gr/1m3) b) 10 gr/ 1square feet (makes ph 7 - to ph 4.5)
  • iron sulfate: 50 gr/ 1square feet
  • lemon acid: 1gr/1L
  • vinegar (9%): 10gr/1L
  • nutrients (almost all)

PH DOWN (organics)

  • leftover (cold) coffee: 50/50 (acts quickly / water soluble)
  • sphagnum peat moss: recommended
  • composted leaves / leaf mold
  • manure
  • cottonseed meal: over the course of a year
  • sawdust / wood chips


  • hardwood ash
  • bone meal
  • crushed marble
  • crushed oyster/egg shell
  • dolomite lime (calcium magnesium carbonate): not used in soils with adequate & excess Mg

PH holders (natural PH buffer)

  • dolomite lime: not used in soils with adequate & excess Mg

WATERING the soil of 7ph with (your thoughts?):

  • 5.5ph water
  • 6.5ph water

Queen Bee:

My PH:

  • tap water =8-9
  • 3-days-defecate-water =7
  • soil~6
  • runoff water 7 (close to 6)

As I have good soil, didn’t put much Nuts, excluded Mg deficiency (by roots & foliage), PHed my water and soil - it seemed to me that:

  1. I better use organics to control PH (added cut peat moss, mycorhiza bacteria)
  2. if needed to act quickly: sulphur / coffee leftover or wood ash

what should I do?

  • You need to lower your Ph
  • Wait for a while

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does coffee leftover lowers Ph (good for Soil and organics?)

  • Coffee works :ok_hand:
  • Coffee sucks :-1:

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Don’t ever use baking soda. Calcium carbonates found in tap water is ok however baking soda has calcium bicarbonates which can be detrimental to your plants health. Stay away!

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Thx! (updated the post)

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a good topic…
I have noticed the Hydroponics Ph adjusters do not seem to hold the adjusted Ph very well. My tap water is around Ph 8.1 - 8.3. after I adjust to around 6.5 I notice it creeps back up and will be back around 8.1 after a day and a half or so. It seems to stay at or around Ph 6.5 only for a couple of hours.
I have been curious how to make the adjusted Ph stay longer. And does it change the same way after watering with it?

Yo, farmers :green_heart:
We pulled through the YELLOWING!

Thank you all for support!

As for me, I find the reason in:

  • underwatering stress + using nuts when stressed
  • Mg deficiency maybe
  • don’t think it was PH, as I didn’t make it lower during Plant recovery

But from now on:

  • I control my PH using Coffee to make solution like ~6ph
  • watering once /2 days (today was the beginning of the 3rd day since last watering and it drunk 1L Coffee solution with no runoff; I waited for 1 hour and gave +1L of water (~7ph) = 200ml runoff with PH=6)
  • start using Honey (1ml / 1L) to try it instead of molasses, but hope to get molasses too.

So I go watch TV :hugs:
Appreciate your help much!

Here are some photos from another camera (so the colour is a lil different from past ones)

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