Nutritional Supplements for Weed

Hello, growing community! I cannot explain how much this forum has helped me. So now I have a fun question, since I’m not currently freaking out over yet another issue with my grow: what are your favorite supplemental nutrition product? I know there are many lines that are great for growing in coco. My goals for the next grow are: coco/perlite in 3 gallon fabric pots, all autoflowers, all in my greenhouse. I am thinking about investing in a rather expensive line, so I wanted to research. And in the process of devouring dozens of grow journals that have similar aspects to what I want, I’ve noticed a lot of growers have their base nutrients and then a few supplements, often from different brands. And yet, they swear by this or that ‘bud booster’ or ‘root colonizer’ or ‘fungus’ etc. So, if anyone wants to hop on here, let me know your go-to base system, and which supplements you love, and why. Thank you all so much. Obviously, there isn’t a cheap way to do this right, but I’m hoping that by siphoning your collective wisdom, I won’t have to choose between supplies and…well anything, I do everything frugally and on a Budget, lol. Only three places I don’t skimp: quality experiences with my munchkins, food, and medicine. You get what you put in, right?

Jacks nutrients are affordable, and work well. If you’re on a budget, this is the way to go.

Bloom boosters are optional with this nutrient line up, but personal preference.

To add any additional things to that line up, Tribus, Mammoth P, Dynomoco, and Kelp extract are suggested to a regular nutrient regimen. All beneficial bacteria that help things grow better. I use Mammoth, P, but when I run out I’ll pick up some Tribus, similar product, more value.

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@Covertgrower thank you, I was just looking at another post that mentioned Jack’s. It seems like a good fit for me, but do they really come in 25lb bags?? I will def check out those extras

They come in 2lb bags too. I think it was $60 to my door, but it’s a powder and makes 500 something gallons. (Not sure but it’s a lot) it’s more upfront, but you can get larger bags. I was moving, I wanted some, but didn’t want a 25lb bag to move. Lol.

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Also check out a product called ‘Bio Diesel by sensi pro’ for your bloom. :grin:

Thanks @StarfaLL I’ll look into that today. I’m curious, because while I understand the theory behind nutrients and supplements, I would like to find out if the difference in quality and yield justify the greater price tag for my needs. I followed one guys journal, he was running 18 autoflowers, and his yield was off the wall bananas. I’m only ever going to harvest 4 plants at a time, unless it somehow becomes legal to do otherwise. So I want to see if the difference with 4 plants is worth double or even triple what I’m paying for now. I will gladly pay, it will still be so much less expensive to grow my own quality bud and know what I’m consuming. But say I get a bigger yield, but the quality is about the same…I can maybe just add an extra plant on the DL, or do a sort of perpetual grow. Now, if the quality is noticably different, regardless of the yield difference, I’d choose quality. So, I’d like some first knowledge. Also, growing 4 plants, autoflowers, in coco, in a greenhouse. Apparently this combo of factors makes my growing experience vastly different

Oregon’s Only Nectar For the Gods lineup is worth looking at if you just want to do some experimenting.
You can order a sample kit for the cost of shipping, which is still not exactly cheap since they are all liquid based. You get six different bottles plus a small pH up and a couple of little extras.
I used it on a couple grows and was impressed with the results. However I am lazy and dragging out 6 bottles of nutrients every 3 days and measuring it all out was more than I wanted to do. Even tho it seems like you are mixing waaaay too much into the water it never burned the leaves. For growing experience it was great. I may try it again sometime, but I will have to find a local supplier as shipping costs just kill the value.

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@Grey20 have you looked into super soil / growing in soil? Growing in a hot house I think you’d benefit from these techniques more.
You could grow two huge Photoperiods & harvest your 1-3P per plant, and continuously run two autos throughout the grow season?
The biggest factor when it comes to quality will be genetics.

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I switched from flora trio to GH MAXIseries. It just a grow and bloom powder. The use floralicious and drykoolbloom. Sometimes fish sh!t

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Thanks @Spiney_norman I’ll absolutely check that out! I want aware any of the nutrient lines offered a sample, even one that is a bit pricey, it’s still less than buying an entire line and not liking it

Telling you. General hydroponics maxi series , calmag, (I grow in passive hydro- coco coir)

And sometimes so fish fertilizer. Shit stinks

You get 2lbs or 1kilo and the most you use is 1 teaspoon

Put mine in old folgers containers

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