Nutritional additives

Ive tried all kind of potions that you mix up a couple drops of this and that ( i don’t remember exactly what they were) and some kind of super fertilizer that was 1 drop to a garden water bucket, and nothing is as well as Miracle-Gro. What do you use for outdoor gardens?

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I use a combo of rabbit manure, poultry manure, plantains/banana peels & egg shells mixed with soil & left to compost for months as a starter, then I used Dyna-gro Grow as supplements during veg & Bloom during flowering.

There are a ton of good soil amendments and supplements that are entirely natural and inexpensive that were buffered specifically for weed. You would be better served to use something like that over MG products which can produce harsh bitter smoke.

OO it’s getting to late to compost for this year’s plants but will consider this option. Where do you get the things you listed?

My friends. Ill look into this
Thanks for the reply’s

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I bought a fertilizer that Home Depot sells in my area: it’s Scott’s cannabis line called Black Magic. They have a fertilizer that is composed of all natural amendments like fruit bat guano, bird guano, kelp meal, and things like that. It’s also buffered for cannabis so is a pretty good choice.

My friend
Do you add this to potting soil?

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This would be amended into the soil once you started to see signs of deficiency in the plant. I would probably (and did! haha) add to soil once plants flipped.

Thank you my friend, i will check the Home Depot in my area. Its one of the only stores open

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