Nutrition advance

I’m looking to grow hydroponic advance nutrition before I purchase I want to know how much I need to start to finish growing autos. I don’t want to have to buy more I want to have enough how much do I need to get what size bottles

My advice, if your planning on growing your own meds….Get the Gallon size. If this is a one and done, quarts will work. You will for sure use more ph up then ph down….

I have a gallon bubblers

I have all the pH up and down. This will be second grow medication. Switching from soil to Hydro.

Eight gallon bubblers

Thank you

Another question for you please. I have two mars Hydro 1000 in my 2 x 4 gorilla tent. AC infinity exhaust. Dehumidifier and CO2. Five other smaller fans pushing air all over plenty of air. My question is to lights too many for the space is it needed.
I’m actually hoping that one light will be sufficient and then I can use the other light to work towards setting up another tent.

1 mars hydro 1000 is not enough light for a 2x4, even 2 of those is just barely adequate for a 2 x 4.

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Bummer !!!

Any recommendations

You’re at the lower end of watts per sq ft, those lights are 150 watts each so 300 watts/8 sq ft = 37.5 watts per sq ft. That will work but don’t want to take away any light from that tent. If you’re looking for another light for other tent I recommend something from HLG, depending on the size of the other tent.

Thank you

How are you injecting C02 in a 2x4 tent? If my understanding of the use of C02 is correct, your environment is not suitable and would be a waste…

The issue there will be your flowering footprint on the ts1000 is 2ftx2ft so in a 2x4 you will want both. Co2 won’t help you in an unsealed grow tent. When using co2, to see any benefits you will need to be able to bring the concentration up to over 1200. At least that’s what I’ve read. No experience that way. Be warned with co2 and high humidity. Fungus and molds flourish in high co2 and high humidity so you will want to be sure you know what your doing with co2.

8 gallon res, for dwc? How many, and which line of advanced nutrients?