Nutriet Reviews

Looking for some reviews from folkes who have used Big Buds by Advanced Nutrients. Thanks and hoping everyone has a great day. :joy:

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I’m just curious about quality…

I honestly haven’t heard any bad reviews on any of the nutrient lines that are available.
Pretty much every one I know uses either fox farm or AN nutrients, and they all love it.
I personally never used any other nutrients other than Fox Farms nutrients.

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I’m currently using Advanced Nutrients, and have my first plant now in flower that I’m giving Big Bud.

As it’s my first grow, I can’t say how much it really helps though. lol

The flowers look nice to me.

I have, It works really good too! I use the whole line of advanced nutrients and I’m super impressed. I’m using them to grow in soil for my girls. Jungle juice micro,grow and bloom. Big bud for flowering! I’m using like 15 products of advanced nutrients. I have nothing but success my friend!

I wish this site would give more info on using the nutrients they sell- I don’t understand why theres no good recommendations or comparisons on their only line they sell? I was getting ready to order and now i see they have an organic version of Flower power so now i have more to be curious about - the difference between the two… and the use of the tablets for veg- Id love this option but would like to hear from anyone who’s tried it- Ive been looking on here but find nothing :frowning: Anyone use them???