Nutrients what is the best


Hehe he ,ya gotta love the smell thrue the bag . Now you wated 6 weeks lol I can’t keep it long enough i smoke it to fast lololol, I got the dirty Duden frome Fox Farm an been with it for a while now an love it .


don’t forget about the BushDoctor i love the Cha Ching and all thoes the Bembe and the Boomerang he he he ,if you have any pell or yellowing new growth try the Flowers Kiss man it works wonders lol but the only down side is the room smells like the cost line lol very fishy , it will help in most problems ,or, if you just wont rely dark green leafs would love feed back lol


maybe I"m lost or it’s like pulling teeth trying to figure the nutes you sell (flower power) does any one have a feeding schudle for the nutes you sell? I can"nt understand why you sell a product with out a feeding schulde please enlighten me as to this some how very complicated question


I am a bit of a noob to hydro and bought the fox farm trio but now I am re thinking because I am a little freaked about it. Can you share your schedule with it? Did you grow autos? I am starting to think about going with the ilgm just because this is my first hydro grow.