Nutrients what is the best


sorry lost tract on this one for a while , but iam glad you didn’t, SSOOO please do tell what golden tree additives were those ??? and what do you think about coinsurer A/B grow and A/B bloom stand alone with Bergman’s Booster’s only ?? ps. i finally figured out how to adjust forum settings so will see ur reply faster now .:astonished:


Humbolt golden tree additives with ILGM nutrients and Advance nutrients !!!


just curious , what did you pick these three one .additive and two types of nutes i guess what iam trying to ask is why this combo ???


I used ILGM through a full grow and Advance also , was reading a blog one day and seen Humbolt golden tree and its outcome with just a base nutrient . Now I’m not sure if you used Advance grandmaster level of based nutrients and additives , but it’s like 9 bottles if not 11 at the most , when golden tree is just one . Now I heard great , great things on Dutchmasters also , but I have not finished the several I already have before trying Dutchmasters , make sense ? I’m sure you like "WTH " , but it’s no mystical reason , I read up on the nukes , read remarks and responses on them , ordered and followed through , and documented the results .


solid answer . it sounds like you simplified your feeding buy dumping A/N nutes and supplementing with Roberts nutes & suppliments


Honestly I used them in a simple Lucas formula that Latewood posted last year , I wrote it down and it’s my guideline of how I used nutrients , manage ppm and ph consistent as possible , and listen to the plant sort of speak , and I bump the ppm up each feeding without over doing them by watching the grow .


not sure what a lucas formula is ?? didn’t mean to complicate things …think ill just run with what iam using getting results in the positive numbers. thanx any way…


If I find it , I’ll post it later .


Thank you, its never a bad day when you get to learn something new . .even better if its about cannibus growing , i notice that your a lab member .what do you think of it ?


Reliable information that gives guaranteed success from germinating to harvest . It’s a lot of information to memorize , so having access during your time of grow .


How do u feel about LED lights? I’m worried about the heat my HP’s will give off. I have two 600watt HP’s


Right now I am using cfl. They are OK I have not used led lights I was thinking about 400watt hps but I don’t know about my electricity bill


To give you an example of running HPS or any HID light lets do some basic math :slightly_smiling:
400w*18 hours a day = 7200 watts
7200 watts * 30 day average = 216,000 watts a month
216,000 / 1000 to convert to kilowatts = 216 kilowatts
My power costs 11 cents per kilowatt so 216 * 0.11 = $23.76 a month increase in my power bill


Here in Calif. we have a tier system so the cost per KWH
goes up with more use so that could affect your total as well.
You would need to check your monthly use and see
what level the additional use would cost. Here in
calif I am paying .14 cents a KWH total use. I run
one 600W HID + 500W LED + Fans + Humidifier + De-Humidifier +
inlet fan + Exhaust fan and occasionally a swamp cooler at Day
& space heater at night.


likewise my cost doubles after so many kilowatts between fans pumps lights I use roughly 1800 watts an hour pay around 100 a month for my grow on top of regular house hold use.


Ours does the same here. Base is 8 cents per kw until you hit 1000kw then it jumps to 11 cents there after. I know my house always uses more than 1000 kw each billing cycle so I figure my light usage cost always using the larger amount :slightly_smiling:


just my thought but Fox Farm is one of the best i like the general hydo, it is really good too i am using them both ,never thought i wood boast just one but it is the fox farm Cha Ching wow !! just wow! all i can say is just try it , lol but i’m sure there is a bunch of others that do the same thing . i started out with Dina then went to the general line then the Fox Farm i found i had a little more control
but find some thing that works for you the best and go with it but keep a open mine ,lol but most of all have fun !!! lol good luck
man this is so cool i never thought i would see a forum like this one in my life time THANK YOU ALL


I heard The trio with cha-Ching is really good , hell I even sample some and thought fox farm had just the other 3 as a trio , grow big , tiger bloom , and big bloom . But dude ran Seaame , beastie bloom and cha-Ching and that was some really good stuff from a clone . I was impressed .


I use those 3 the beastie blooms cha ching and open sesame, actually works pretty descent


Yes , loud real loud , I mean you can’t even stop it the loud smell in sealed bag , and the smoke was super . But I learned a real valuable lesson in the curing process , yeah a sample after drying is okay , but waiting (4) weeks is perfect and 6 weeks is even more amazing , the ah ha moment !