Nutrients what is the best


cookies93 says:

ive got some flora stuff think its just for flowering…but other than that i have RX Greensolution part A&B grow then part A&B bloom… not sure how i use it yet need to see how its used and if i use both A&B at once and i also have some name brand liquid seaweed concentrate which is vitamin B? can i use this all at once or should i use it moderately and slowly introduce it? also very curious on scrog…my grow tent is going to be 30’'x 5ft and its 6ft tall atm but i can raise it if the parts get to tall…i built plexiglass containers that latch onto the fishtank and everything is see threw do i need to put up cardboard or anything to keep light away from fishtank? i used rockwool last time like a 8x8x8 cube this time im using clay pellets with rockwool you had to wash it really good and soak it…ik with clay pellets i need to wash it but will clay balls change my ph?
Thanks and information is helpful…also i have never used led lights any heads ups…i went with a 300w 5w bulbs square type full spectrum light then a 180 w bulb @ 3w ufo type full spectrum…is this lighting correct and the right color of light rays?? should i buy a fountain pump and do a hose to my plants and put it on a timer?? can i use my flourscent 200-300w big cfl bulb with led?


Before I say the wrong thing , I’ll let the science officer or the groundsman answer for you , they know way more than me , so he might chime in at some point , they have tons of emails and questions daily ,but they will get to your question .


Can you post a picture of the nutients , are even better you can do a support ticket so those guys has a better understanding of what you asking and how to help you .


yes i will be sure to get a picture later on today and post a pic of my setup



thats what i have i dont have the raise or life but i have the grow part a and b then the bloom part a and b then i have some maxicrop liquid seedweed then some flora stuff that is a small quantity for bloom flowering


Looks amazing. I don’t plan to go that large just three or four plants. I have a 600 watt hps wondering if it will be too much for that small of a grow.


Do you have the flora bloom 4-8-7 , if so you can used that by itself in flowering with cal-mag or molasses , are even both Calmag and molassess , and you will get results . But do the line of nutrients give you a website or a feeding chart ?


thanx your right , however local had none in A&N 's formula . :wink:


You mean advance nutrients ? That’s okay my friend , you don’t have to be discouraged . Have you been to my grow journal here yet ? I ordered the whole line of the grandmaster level advance nutrients from . But I’m not telling you to go out and spend $400 on more nutrients , when you already have nutients to get started . Now what can be an options is to buy the hobbyist level of additives that come in 250 ml bottles which is the small bottles , but you will get to full grows out of the advance hobbyist nutrients with your base nutrients you already have . That’s B-52 , VooDoo juice , Big Bud , and Overdrive , which works really good with other base nutrients , and I paid $56 plus shipping for the four bottles . Now another options , which I highly recommend is to buy Roberts ILGM booster nutrients trio , that n fact are the best nutrients I’ve used so far and yielded 6.5 ounces with 2 plants , a white widow that root bound and stretched taller than my tent in a 1 gallon transparent bucket , and a O.G.Kush that yielded almost 4 whole ounces by itself . Now what I suggest is to figure out feeding chart on the nutrients you have now , add the numbers in the NPK ratio , and calculate how much to a gallon of water . Once you get a better understanding of the NPK of what is going into the soil for your plants , learn how to used the Lucas formula , and get that figured out A.S.A.P , because this formula is what you can used with any base nutrient line mixing with any other brand , cause the formula is a feeding safe equation of NPK your plants are being fed . Than you have to learn ppm a.s.a.p, also , by using ppm in feeding your plants is how you can maximize any strain to its full potential . To raise ppm you add more nutrients to desired ppm level , and to lower ppm you add more water to dilute nutrients in the water , and of course you know how to ph . But I’ll post a photo on the advance line I just bought , and I have to re-up on the Sensi bloom A& B which npmy local hydro store carries , is why I had to order the rest from Amazon . I tried Fox Farm trio and killed 2 plants 6 weeks old by stressing them to death , and in that time I had The Recipe of Success nutrients that came with the tent , and I used they simple formula to help save the one plant I stressed in my first grow , and once the plant revived , ILGM booster nutrient had arrived . I didn’t know anything about topping or main lining , but my hydro store guy suggested that I topped the stressed plant , give about 2.5 ml of super thrive , and let it dry out a little and transplant with fresh soil . But I had to top the plant and remove all the leaves on the very bottom and leave only one set of big fan leaves to help the plant get light . I think my old journal is still here , I’ll have to go thru my profile to find the name of the thread , but you will see how I started with five plants , ending up with 3 , one big bag seed stressed plant , a small vegging O.G.Kush and another strain I think was a sativa strain I think was star ninja , I’m not sure if that’s right . But I’ll find the thread and invite you in so you can look through and see how stressed me and the plant was , but when it finished it was well worth the headaches . I didn’t flush it properly because I had no knowledge of drying and curing , which I suggest you should be reading as much as you can on harvesting , because this is the hardest part of growing , is to harvest and dry correctly , and than cure properly so your bud has that signature smell and great taste . But each grow I made little changes , and bought more accessories , some needed and some was wasted investments . Now what I thought was wasted has been used as I growed in growing …lol . Geesh , I’m sure many say dam that guy type long responses , but I try to put every thought into my response to help the person out from the most simplest , and thee hardest I e experienced .


Uploading… I ordered all of line for about $382 I think my total was , and I had the hobbyist four already and was using it with ILGM grow , bud , and THC mass in the Lucas formula Latewood had tagged me in a while back , how he growed using the formula and it has been thee best and most simple way to get vigorous growing , lush green plants without burning them . The most that can happen is the very tips of the plants could yellow being that the formula helps maximize each level of growth in ppm . Now I just finish an Amnesia Haze auto flower 2 days ago I cut it down and hung it to dry and the chlorophyll is breaking down rapidly , I’m not sure if flushing the plant right before I put in darkness could be why it’s drying fast , are my harvest chamber is dial in and doing its job .



depends on floor print . iam burning 2000 now , how ever ive be gan to rethink a few things . the area iam using is 7x12x7.5tall. and i just purched 3- 600 watt solis tek hps to re place my ageing 1000’s mag ballist i believe ill get a more even lighting and the benefits of hps ,


COOK COOK you have too many spices in the kitchen ahahha… that’s 20 years condenced knowledge :grinning: since i switched to connoisseur base nutes i also add b52,bud candy, big bud over drive tarantula .pirranna ,bud igniter ,bud facter x . alittle bayer asprin and last bonicare cal-mag … their in DWC my average is 4-6 OZ on a good harvest per plant 16 plants here. on a bad harvest average is 2.5-3 OZ per plant will post a pict of the connoisseur crop last one, at time of harvest .had to take them early . added overdrive and morphed them so cropped early . not overdrive falt, ,.their are two main genomes here in pict nearest in pict are very weak gean’s the others are good … not excel by no means .NEVER BE SATISFIED WITH YOU GROW .AND NEVER HOLD BACK . most of my colas were at or close to an OZ . how ever ihad let them go to long be fore flowering … trying to let the late ones catch up . so last one yelded 24 OZ bud, 41 gram dry sive hash . how ever iam looking forward to receiving my ILGM beans order and correcting deficiency genes ,products :wink:


one last thing THANX … i look forward to tapping more of your knowledge on these products .as well as finding more out about MR bergmans products booster ect …if not mistaken my ppm is 750 now. so i have to keep from adding to much more. looking to add a R/O one day .but logistics . in winter i fill 180gal with a hose .if system processes to slowly water freezes :persevere: ever force 150ft of frozen hose into house at nite lmao lmao at -50 Fahrenheit… lol The only thing to keep on the mind rite then is … how bad do you want it :wink:



Why don’t you use Sensi cal-mag Xtra by advance , it might chelate better since you have they base nutrients . But if you love Connisuer base nutrients , man you are to order ILGM nutrient boosters trio , and you won’t be disappointed seriously . It’s great stuff , liquid black gold , I only feed a gallon at a time , and I chart it starting 2.5 ml up to 1 ml to a gallon and add 2.5 ml of bloom and decrease 2.5 ml of grow as you transition from veg to flower , and I had nuggets big as a 2 liter bottle .


have you used ILGM nutrient boosters often . also any idea on how much ppm it would raise my nute solution ???


Hydroponic flora series. I used those n the results were awesome. Started with a low dose n went up n up during flowering. You could buy the start kit in Amazon. This is my 2nd grow n I’m still using the nutrients. My white widows are beautiful right now. Happy growing :slight_smile:


Hey hammer you find this interesting , which I’m about to do with Roberts nutrient trio and Advance base nutrients , but I found this picture which draws some concerns of interest .


I only read good stuff on this product , and it seems to hold up to what it says , and in the photo it’s only Connisuer A & B and Humbolt golden tree , which makes a 3 part nutrient , A & B as base and golden tree additives . When I do a grow , I’ll know more of the outcome , but thought you might be interested in this trio results .