Nutrients what is the best


what is the best nutrients on the marketthat I can use for A better quality of buds


It’s hard to pick one, there is a lot of diff brands. Some like 1 brand others like different . I like General hydroPhonics both floranova bloom and floranova grow. Good luck.


Thanks man anyone else? I got the mj booster how about you stoner it is for a dwc 4 gal.


Absolutely! Marijuana booster should work awesome for DWC!


I need help !!! I’m going to use the marijuana booster for the first time. I have a cash crop box and I am using white widows . I have read the directions but don’t really know how to apply it to the small hydroponic reservoir ? I change the water every 4-5 days so I don’t want to waste the booster ??? Can someone please help me ???


Hope this helps,



Should I still be using the moon dust also ? I think I should but? The last info u gave really helped me out and it was explained very well thanks !! Please help again


I think the confusion for how much of any of the ILGM booster and the other two are the instructions for how many milliters to 2.64 gallons of water. I mean, I am unsure who has a 2.64 gallon water container, as most folks, likely in the USA have one gallon containers. Then there is the ml measurements, where most folks in the usa don’t have a regular measurement for ml.
Most everyone I know in the usa uses gallon jugs, either empty plastic milk jugs or store bought known clean water in gallon jugs.


You can get a cough syrup cup for ml with most brands of cough syrup or for kids . Now it’s only one ml but it helps .


Hello new to the forum. Starting my first dwc grow. Has anyone used Advanced Nutrients pH perfect?


Yes and it might be safe to still check ph in my opinion . What all nutrients you have ?


Yes, ive used them in the form of Grow,Bloom,Micro .AS well as ive just started using their conisuer grow and bloom ph perfect


i currently have no hydro shops around me and perfered to shop in person so i bought everything while i went on vacation and brought it back i have only had one grow and it was a 5gallon net pot dwc grow with some very generic nutrients for my first grow and i had very little problems with my first grow other than i used all cfl bulbs and it took a little time but got roughly 40 grams out of my plant but this time now that i have 1 successful grow and understand more i have built my 50 gallon fishtank into a dwc that will basically hold 20-25 gallons of water and the tank is 4ft long 16’‘x18’’ or so i have 4 air stone tubing and a 4 port air pump, clay pellets and 4’’ cubes…i have upgraded my lights and have a 300 w led and a 180 w led put my old cfl 200-300w bulb…my grow tent is something i built and am going to be 21/2ftx5 ftx 4ft then i can add 3 ft to it if i want but how many plants can i grow and i also bought RX Greensolution part A&B grow and part A&B bloom some liquid seaweed and some flora bud concentrate anyways what is the mixture for this has anyone had any problems should i do a scrog grow this time i also ordered amnesia haze i havent yet started my grow but am going to start within the month just want to do plenty of research before i start. I also own a digital tds meter but have never used it?? and a digital ph meter that i do use…dont really want to spend any money on a RO water system can i buy 5 gallon jugs of water at a fish store? and just PH it??? Do i use both part A&B at same time?


I copped the grow and bloom pH perfect. Gonna try and see how it turns out


Wow beautiful grow u have there! All with pH perfect or conn?


You can use tap water as long as your EC/TDS is not much higher than about 0.1EC or 50ppm/tds NaCl conversion, and yes, just adjust the pH.

And if your tap water is too hard, then the water from a fish store properly pH’ed is fine as well.



fist off thank you will post a pict of the finish .and yes these are advanced nutes. ph perfect conisuier parts A&B grow and A&Bbloom. had to supplement with cal-mag also i have hard well water, and still couldn’t keep it in the sweet spot. ress was staying 6.7 most days. ingrowth plants were extremely fast growing but when i went in to bud plants slowed down majorly developed brown slime .ress was 72 deg’s got to warm , and was pushing A&N’s bud candy. carbo load will do same if too much is added. REMEMBER…Alittle less is some times more…LOLOL. ill also try to post a pict of A&N’s micro,grow,bloom well water formula not the ph perfect…look close you see the buds are chunky but but had ran out off cal- mag at the time or my leaves would’ve looked better. was maintaneing ph at 6.2.well gonna try to load picts .my internet is crap. my have to laod separately…


had to load one at a time picts that is lol this is advanced nutrients well water formula Micr,Grow,Bloom. ran out of cal-mal to too early . DWC ,rotone clay pellets, add their microbes to the res, carboload 'go easy on it if ur ress is warm . bayer asprin



You might want to order advance nutrient Sensi cal mag Xtra which has NPK ratio of 4-0-0 and it should give better results since you have other advance base nutrients .