Nutrients & Transplant to Coast of Maine question..(First Grow)

Okie Dokie Artichokes. Need some advice and comments again.

2 x 3 x 4 tent. HLG 100 RSpec. Inkbird - 65% RH. 73 degrees. Inline running 24/7.

Here is my MAC Stomper approaching week 5 of veg.

Have some LST going on because of a FIMd FIM.

She was in straight happy frog up until the beginning of week 4 when I started seeing deficiencies.

Didn’t have alot of money, grabbed a bag of Dr. Earth 2-2-2 All purpose fertilizer cause they didn’t have anything else and I was poor. Mixed in about 4 tablespoons to the top inch of the 2Gal and then watered about 2/3 gallon of Calmag phd to 7 tap water. After 3 days you could tell she was getting her color back slowly but the top half of her has these droopy leaves. That soil / moisture meter in the bottom sucks for soil pH but is ok for moisture. Says bottom half is still damp.

So…i have some extra cash now…about $150 to spend. Do I…

Transplant to a 15 gallon and go with Coast of Maine…if so do I need anything else? Saw it said it was a super soil so I wouldn’t need any nutes if in a 15 gallon correct?

Keep it in the 2 Gallon and pick up on week 5 of one these Dr. Earth schedules? I’ve seen huge ass flowers grown in solo cups…(container size vs grow area size debate)

Transplant to a 5 Gallon with the Coast of Maine. If I do that? Should I pick up on week 5 of the Dr. Earth schedule?


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Found out the Coast of Maine will feed for 90 days if I put her in a 15 gallon.

That should last me through flower.

Do I need the wetting agent and Mycorrhizae?

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Buenos Dias Grow Bro, height will become an issue in a tent at 4’. They double even triple in size during the stretch. Coast of Maine is a great soil but think you’ll need to add flower amendments (P&K) mid and late flower. @ChittyChittyBangin uses this soil and top dresses nutrients and can add some pointers :love_you_gesture:


Id purchase a bag of buds n bloom from them also and feed at day 75 just in case


So this is my veg tent for my hopefully perpetual grow.

I’ve got a 3 x 3 x 6 coming soon that I’ll have an HLG 260 RSpec in for flower.

@GrowDaddyOhio Can you add another picture of bottom of plant may need more air flow underneath her happy growing my friend

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Nice, you and the plants will love that light :love_you_gesture:


Like purchase the Cost of Maine… transplant to a let’s say a 10 gallon, then feed the buds & bloom at day 75?

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If ypu transplant to 10 gallon, i would feed at day 50

Think about it like this. It takes up to 2 weeks for those nutrients to become avail to the plant. So with dry amendments , you always think 2 weeks ahead. Lets say youre going shooting for flower in 2 weeks, then you would feed buds n bloom 2 weeka prior to flipping.


I have her in 2 gallons of happy frog right now. I was going to transplant into a 10 gallon with the Stoningtons (haven’t ordered it yet), and then flip to flower a week or two later after I transplant.

Do i still need any dry amendments or should I pickup the Stoningtons food too when ordering (got the seed starter soil too for future grows)?

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Pick up the stonington blend plant food and the buds n bloom. Then you can recycle your soil using 1/2 cup of veg rood