Nutrients recommended for Pot4Pot grow

For my first grow I decided to go with a Pot4Pot kit because it seemed a less complicated method for a beginner. I think I saw a mention here that additional nutrients are suggested with the kit. Any info will be appreciated. Obviously as a beginner I want to KISS, yet I want to do all I can for a successful experience and outcome. Thanks in advance for any assistance

Nobody has commented yet, so I’ll give it a try.

Their claim is that you can make it through a grow which sound inviting for a beginner, but that grow can be improved with additional nutrients applied at the right time.

If you are going to continue to grow you need to learn what to do. No better time to start then the present.

The hardest part is figuring out what nutrient line you want to try, there are lots of good ones. I like to support my local grow store so I buy what they have, and they have just about everything you could want except for Jack’s which has become the darling of this forum because of ease of application and low cost. If you want to try the Jacks route someone else will have to pipe in with what you need.

If you have a local grow friendly store you might want to ask their opinion and support them since they can be a valuable local resource.

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I’ve made it thru vegetation and into about 3rd week of flower before I needed to add a small amount of nutrients because the leaves looked like they were showing deficiencies. My first grow also so I’m learning too. Just be sure to pH your water and watch the leaves for stress.

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Thank you for your friendly advice. Obviously further research and learning lie ahead for me.


Thanks for your insights. Like I said - a lot of learning ahead.

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Hello fellow grower :wave: I also am using pot4pot soil & was wondering if you added any nutes to your grow? My :baby: is 7 weeks old & into third week of flowering. It isn’t showing any signs of deficiencies. This is my first attempt at growing & stressed it a little (light too far away) I want to give it whatever I can to help get bigger better bud’s “of course” it’s bluedream auto. Thanks for any help you can offer :+1: here’s a couple pictures.

If you have any pictures of that grow will you share? Thanks :sun_with_face:

I’m afraid I won’t be a wealth of information for you, but I’ll share a bit of my 2 experiences growing with P4P kits - my only 2 grows of any kind.
To the point of your question - the only things I added to my soil was CalMag and molasses.
My biggest problem with my 1st grow was over watering. That entire grow was trying to recover from those mistakes. I couldn’t tell WHAT was affecting the stunted growth beyond that.
The 2nd - and most recent grow was focused on learning proper watering, which is why I opted for the kit again - so not to have to concern so much with other variables.
I communicated with P4P support frequently regarding additional nutrients and they always suggested not using any other than what I mentioned. Support didn’t say I couldn’t add nutes but that it wasn’t necessary.
I figured since I opted for the kits I would commit to their formula for growing.
My next grow I am planning on moving away from their soil and try a more “hands on “ approach.
When using the P4P Soil I was never comfortable as a complete novice trying to amend it. Too uncertain.
Long winded answer, but I want to be clear about my satisfaction of the P4P experiences. Perfect For me at the time.
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Pics of 2nd grow

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Thanks for the feedback! Sorry to hear your grows were a struggle :pensive: I to struggled with watering, but decided I would let my baby become thirsty to the point where it looked like it was going to die before I would water it again after about the 3rd Week in.I still use that strategy & is working well :+1: I do the lift thing. I also didn’t have the proper light for the first two weeks & am glad I joined this forum. Allot of knowledgeable & friendly people here :clap:. Please keep me updated on your progress & I’ll share my experiences as well. I have a granddaddy purple that is one week old & am going to apply the knowledge that I have acquired in my whopping 2 months of experience lol. Good luck!! & I’ll keep an eye out for your posts :sun_with_face: 🪴 :heart:

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O yeah, your pictures didn’t upload. My phone does the same thing, it’s a little slow so it takes a few minutes :upside_down_face:

Wow! I hope mine look like that!! Is that your first grow? Nice :+1:

I didn’t think they went through. :man_shrugging:t3:
From my 2nd

This is how they pretty much finished.

Yea, I’ll keep a watch on your grow. I won’t be starting my next one until prbly March. Happy growing!


I still don’t know what to expect from mine :confused:

Those are really nice :ok_hand:

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How did you keep it from getting alot of nodes?

Thanks. Petite. But more knowledge & experience gained along the way. And of course tasty head stash. :+1:t2::peace_symbol:

I prbly stunted them somehow. I used LST but not correctly I’ve learned since. Other than that I’m not sure how/why they developed the way they did.

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I noticed yesterday on Pot4Pot’s website that they now sell a product called Flowering Booster, so maybe check that out.


I spoke with P4P Team about that when I ordered my kit - it’s not part of their expansion kit. Very similar to molasses, I think.
Thanks for the outreach. :peace_symbol:


Yeah, it looks like an optional add-on. I couldn’t read the ingredients from the picture (label) online; I could make out some nitrogen and potassium, as well as humic acid.

I’ve been using some Roots Organics Terp Tea Bloom and Microbe Charge on my current P4P plant - so far, so good. Some P4P folks don’t use any additional nutes and haven’t had any problems. I had leaf yellowing very early in flower on my 2nd and 3rd plant with them, even though the final product was potent and great. I just feel more comfortable giving some nutes and keeping it greener until further into flower.

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