Nutrients recommended for Pot4Pot grow

For my first grow I decided to go with a Pot4Pot kit because it seemed a less complicated method for a beginner. I think I saw a mention here that additional nutrients are suggested with the kit. Any info will be appreciated. Obviously as a beginner I want to KISS, yet I want to do all I can for a successful experience and outcome. Thanks in advance for any assistance

Nobody has commented yet, so I’ll give it a try.

Their claim is that you can make it through a grow which sound inviting for a beginner, but that grow can be improved with additional nutrients applied at the right time.

If you are going to continue to grow you need to learn what to do. No better time to start then the present.

The hardest part is figuring out what nutrient line you want to try, there are lots of good ones. I like to support my local grow store so I buy what they have, and they have just about everything you could want except for Jack’s which has become the darling of this forum because of ease of application and low cost. If you want to try the Jacks route someone else will have to pipe in with what you need.

If you have a local grow friendly store you might want to ask their opinion and support them since they can be a valuable local resource.

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I’ve made it thru vegetation and into about 3rd week of flower before I needed to add a small amount of nutrients because the leaves looked like they were showing deficiencies. My first grow also so I’m learning too. Just be sure to pH your water and watch the leaves for stress.

Thank you for your friendly advice. Obviously further research and learning lie ahead for me.

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Thanks for your insights. Like I said - a lot of learning ahead.

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