Can I mix fox farm nutrients with coconut water? What is a good feeding recipe when using blackstrap molasses coconut water cal mag and recharge? I have fox farm trio nutrients please help any advice is appreciated

Never used coconut water or recharge and can’t comment on them. I do use molasses and generally put 1 tablespoon per gallon once per week in flowering. The sugars in molasses helps feed the microbes in your soil. I usually start Urb (a microbe supplement) when I get to flowering as well, though I use it at a low dose as it really increases your plant’s nutrient uptake and can lead to nute burn if you aren’t careful.

Most commercial coconut water has a few ingredients, one being sugar of HFCS. I wouldn’t go near it.

Coconut water contains Vitamins A,C,D,E,K along with Calcium, Iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential elemfor plant growth it has fatty acids, amino acids protein carbohydrates and natural sugars, I just don’t want to have nute burn from to much fertilizer in my soil

I’m trying to establish the feeding recipe that’s almost impossible to burn your plants but has all the minerals and ingredients to keep soil and plant healthy

If you are using Fox Farm then it will be important to use Big Bloom as directed. Big Bloom is the part of the 3 that contains the micronutrients.

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Thanks for the advice

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I know someone that uses coconut water. Has excellent results with it.

Just use the extras on water day and should not have any issues

feeding schedule as follows
big bloom
grow big

2 days later i feed
coconut water
i repeat this order every week

my soil is happy frog mixed with extra perlite, worm casting and hydrotons for extra drainage and for roots to get more oxygen

Dump the terpinator down the drain it’s a junk product even Ed Rosenthal said its not worth the bottle it comes in
I had 2 bottles of it and fox farms Bembe is a far better product and it work’s very well for me calcium, sugar and trace minerals mix or mineral water is better than terpinator to. I didn’t get the results expected from it at all myself

Please help my plants

That is a lot of water in that pot!
How much have you been watering that little one?

Once a week but 5 days ago I feed a gallon of water how do I get her to bounce back

Just let her dry out. She should be okay.

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Ai… cause I’m getting nervous this my first grow and I’m up already

No worries, we’ll keep you on track. Watch the fbomb in the forum.

A gallon for that little thing is too much. You’re drowning her. When my girls are that big they get a 1/2 cup every 4-5 days, but I’m also in a solo cup