Nutrients mix ratios?

Just was interested how other people use their plant foood! I use Foxfarms Liquid nutes. i got the 3 pack, Big Bloom, Tiger bloom, and grow big. The feeding schedule says around 3tsp per gallon between waterings, but the bottle is saying under general feeding almost twice that…? My plant isnt suffering idt but id love some tips and advice Cause i been winging it feeding heavy mixed nutes an then light nutes. I also started using micro nutes w. Cal mag, Bud Candy an liquid seaweed nutes all mixed with the foxfarms
My girl is about 3 months old and 19 days into flowering. Shes in a 10 gal pot with promix peat moss and under an air coolee 1000w MH


I personally follow fox farms feeding schedule and I use the dirty dozen last grow with ffof
Worked well had to follow flush schedules as well
I will be using promix and nectar of the gods on my next run and will also follow mfg schedule for that as well and adjust amout given to control my ppm
But i always mix full as per mfg directions
I believe they know thier products and we as consumers should follow directions imo
Hope this helps :v: CB


got my Nectar of the Gods on the way @Countryboyjvd1971


Woohoo @Sasquatch I have gold leaf and hatvill pit tonight I’ll be using mine in let’s we how this stuff work :+1:


Ill be interested in hearing about it @Countryboyjvd1971
Wont use mine till next spring. I have some goldleaf too I can try it out on

Dirty dozen ??

I personally will be using the Flower Power Fertilizer Starting Package (was recommended by ILGM website) for my first grow ( 3-5 Autos: Pineapple Express, Amnesia Haze, Critical Kush ). I got a great shedule for all values you should be aware of. I already posted it here:

@Smokay it comes with the liguid trio and the dry trio and wells s a few other things basically every on feeding schedule except for the sea weed products

@Smokay I use the fox farm liquid nutes also I’ve got everything on the feeding chart and use it follow directions on the chart not the bottle. Directions on the bottle are for useing just that bottle and nothing else, the chart let’s you combine everything. When it comes time to flush fox farm recommends flush at 3 times the pot size. 3gal pot = 9 gal of flush. I have gotten my biggest yields and biggest buds ever with this line. I also use all fox farm soil and coco. Works great

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Haha damn thats a lot of water i have her in a 10gal

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@Smokay yeah I hear ya… look with that being said as rule of thumb, what I do and I’m not telling you to do what I do by any means. If it’s time for the week 4-5 flush and my plant drinks a gal of water in a 5 gal pot . I’ll mix a gallon of flush and check runoff if it’s back to normal than I go to normal, but if ph isn’t right or think it’s real bad than yes I go the full 3 times the pot size.

Well i have quick drainage with my Promix peat moss, starts running out after only 1.5 liters. I assume youre using ff soil?? And ive only flushed once and my pH is still pretty good around 5.8. I recently started raising pH to around 6.2

Pro mix is coco right, I think you need to stay at 5.8-6.0 at the most. But if your plants are good than do your thing @Smokay

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Yes it’s 5.8 -6 ph @Wishingilivedina420state :+1:


Have you ever pH’d 30 gallons of water???

Lol no but i did 3gal And it took like 1000 !@#$%^& drops of ph down lol. Ima have to write it down next time but im surprised my promix runoff pH has stayed around 5.8 an ive only flushed like mybe twice.

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I think its mainly peat moss

Actually i just looked up it has lime in it for pH balance. Now i know why its maintaining 5.8. Shweet

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@Smokay watch what you say on here I’m not fussing at you but someone else will trust me be careful I don’t want to see you get in trouble.

Oh what exactly am i watching out to say my friend? Curse words?