Nutrients, mid-season transplant

I have two fems growing since 4/20 germination. In my area they usually will go to harvest in about September, so I have couple months to go. Neither is in flower yet, just about to start I think.

These girls are in 12 gallon pots, and have reached the stage where the roots fill the pot and so they dry out much faster than when they were small. The also have begun to get mottled green/yellow, mainly on lower leaves. Photos attached.

I’ve seen this before, and suspect it’s just lack of nutrients since most have been pulled out of the soil at this point. I’ve started Bud Breakfast and will switch to Awesome Bud Bro soon.

Two questions.
–Would you agree that the mottling is just nutrient deficiency, probably correctable with nutes mentioned above and ph-ed water (I ph even though some say soil growers don’t need to–my ground water is about 7.9-8.0).
–Would I be insane to transplant these into the ground now? I have a bed in the greenhouse that’s big and would give them room to stretch out.

By the way, you’ll seem some nute burn on some leaf tips–that was a mistake last week but I’ve already corrected/flushed it out and it’s not getting worse.

Thank you as ever!

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don’t mess with planting in ground now. I would however transplant to a new 20 fabric pot with some fresh soil to get more growth. You have some room to fill her out so give her the root space to get big and hold those buds up. You’re close to the top so you may want to top her as I’m not sure how much she will stretch once flower starts. Keep the control of the environment through flower as well less chance for something to go wrong. You got this far don’t want a freak storm or animals to shred it. Play it safe imho.

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Yerp, pot up if you can and feel free to yank those huge yellowing fans :call_me_hand:

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Thank you!

P.S. Rookie question, but are grow bags superior to plastic pots? Why? They seem like they’d be easy to move around in any case. Do they tend to dry faster?

Fabric pots allow the roots to breathe better essentially and always perform better imho especially into flowering where drainage/root problems are amplified

And yea if that wasn’t enough they come w/ handles lol 4TW

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Love cloth pots!

Potted up to 20 gal bags a few days ago, pulled the large yellow fans, and topped while I was at it. The girls are super-happy now it would seem. Also found a couple of cabbage loopers on them, so will look for BT or similar. But I did manage to find the ones that in the midst of their damage so I don’t think I have a bunch. Thanks again for the tips!

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Any time @Bmacpiper




“Are you not enterTAINED???” :grin:

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Kill em all!