Nutrients & Lighting


Progress. My gold leaf either got washed out or lost somehow. I had to germinate another seed and potted it today. I hope the next one takes. But, on the other hand my SK is taking off. I love my girl Two weeks 1 day


Please give me tips for the GL


Is it time to start using

Guess who decided to join the party? Gold Leaf planted 10/11/16. Proud Parent :slight_smile:


Let there be LIGHT. Growth both Gold Leaf and the Strawberry Kush likes the 4 inch distance from LED. Almost immediately you saw them perk up. My girls have taken off. SK will be transplanted into 5 gal fabric pot before week is out. Roots starting to shoot through bottom of pot. So someone please help? What do I need to be mindful of in this transition and when do I start nutrients and ? How do I avoid pot leakage.


the SK could be fed, lightly, 1/2 recommended dose…test the baby out, see how she reacts, adjusting next time.

just water the plants in the fabric pots.
unless you flood it, it’ll drain normally.

keep posting pics, we like them :wink:

do you have plant growth supplements like Super thrive or Liquid Karma?