Nutrients & Lighting


First and foremost I am loving this community already just ready the comments and feedback. I am a visual learner so all this cognitive information sometimes overwhelms me. So, I will explain my current state and please help me move forward in the right direction. I purchased 3 Strawberry Kush and 10 Gold Leaf. Iliterally have been storing seeds in my deep freezer for like a month and a half awaiting to purchase correct materials to start grow. I germinated 1 SK and 1 GL. within 12 hours the SK had sprouted in regular tap water in a dark place. Roughly 8 hours later the gold leaf sprouted. So here’s where I got confused.


I used on dome fixture max watt 300, 100 watt LED Soft white Dimmable


Jiffy, Root Booster, Worm Castings, Starter Fertilizer

Poured water through until started coming out of bottom.

Purchased a moisture, light, and PH level


Moisture: Range 1-10 I’m at 7
Light: Range 0-1000 I’m at 500
PH: Range 1-8
I’m at 7

Where do I go from here? Day 2 :slight_smile:


Welcome Nestor,

Nestor I think we may have a problem, I don’t think you’re supposed to freeze seeds, maybe we can ask some others. I hope everything works out for you
-best of luck


Per instructions from packaing that was a way to store up to 1 year if not using immediately. And the seeds sprouted so that’s not the problem. My major concern is the light and pH but thx for response I didn’t expect anything this quick. Nice to meet you my name is NESTA :grin:


Keep ph 5.5 to 6.0 first two or three weeks
NO feeding just phed water and by that put in spray bottle i find it works great 4or5 pumps every 3 or 4 hours or when dried out


ok so whats the safest way to ph down? So no more root protector just water for the next 2 to 3 weeks? thx man you guys are awesome


Okay lighting is kind of a side note some say not much at that stage but i say watch your seedlings they will tell you i not sure about the light your using so start it at say 30 inches watch the seedlings if they start growing tall but little the no leaf growth lower light to 24 youll have to play with the light height to find just right but youll know when it good …p.s.
Dont over love your plants
Happy growing


Sorry about the spelling my phone spells everybody’s name the way it wants pretty much …glad they sprouted for you and I’m glad that you said that because now I’ll keep this as a reference cuz I have never known anyone who’s Frozen seeds and successfully germinated them, that’s pretty cool!

I use GH ph up and down, I also use baking soda to adjust it up. I know some people use lemon juice or vinegar for down but I haven’t done that yet, I’ve always used the GH product line for uniformity and convenience


lol I like that. "Don’t over love your plants. I know right. I’m so extra careful I waited a month and a half after additional reading and research.


Your fine but yeah it seemed to lock in moisture. I germinated before non-froxen seeds and they took like a 3 days to sprout so when I glanced into the SK and it had sprouted I was shocked but then hours later the GL did as well I was like DOPE


When I start my next grow I’m going to toss a couple bags seeds in the freezer for a few days and then see if that happens with them, thanks for sharing that!


This is first grow right ??
Keep it simple
Take good notes of everything you do to your plants
This is just me but id order a ph pen from amazon ppm pen is a must as well there are cheap ones that work great


GH up and down


ur right ordering one today because I read what was said about the pronged meters and they are so confusing and unpredictable. So I really don’t know if my readings for the day are accurate as I am going to keep a daily journal and vlog


I see the Mammoth …what’s that the secret to your beautiful buds ?


I think it may have something to do with it still in testing so not ready to call it yet


So the meter does work. The timer is perfect without flaw I have a constant night and day in my grow room. no tent I would say it’s a great 4x4 with 1 dome light 100w LED I will be adding another light same specs. I am also keeping a strain, progress, and materials journal. The only other strain I want to add is Girl Scout but for now 1 of each Strawberry Kush and Gold metal. So Today’s Readings. No water added plants adjusted slightly for light. SK Moisture 4.5 (so I will water tomorrow), Light 400, pH 6.8) GM Moisture 5, Light 600, pH 6.8 So, I think the root protector solution helped to neutralize the soil becuase yesterday the pH was 7. So I will wait to water tomorrow and see if the flushing of soil will lower the pH anymore before adding of the pH down. For these two strains what is a good pH and Light? Progress nonetheless… :relaxed:


I got a sprout from my SW. I’m such a proud parent. Added another 100w bulb so each plant has its own light pumping out 300watts each and moisture is great in both plants. And SK pH is 6.2 but GM stays at 7pH no spout yet hopefully today still waiting phDown and up to arrive. FEEDBACK PLEASE…



Your are on your way that’s for sure .


Thank you. My GM still has not sprouted a little nervous because pH is 7 but I am waiting for the pH down it should be here today. What is a good GM pH level?


what are the seeds growing in…is it something you blended together or a packaged soil?

plants in soil are usually happy at a pH of 6.5 with a range of .3 (6.2-6.8).

the two round leaves that come out first, the cotyledons, feed the plant the first few weeks, until the third or fourth set of real cannabis leaves come out.
they don’t require anything but water from you until those leaves come out.

IF you fertilize (the plant doesn’t need it), start with less than is directed and watch your plants for leaf burn on the edges (too much nutrient).