Nutrients in coco - White Widow


Hello there all the Farmers and scientists,
I am a begginer grower but an expert smoker. I have an indoor grow kit of 400w dual spec.
My first Grow is Ww auto. She is running into 5 week now. I used soil mix & Biobizz Strater pack. and ph 6 tap water.
Its seems That the yield is gowing to be small.
So in an effort for a getting a better yield I got some coco perlite mix.
A frined of mine gave me grow Ducthpro nutes (a+b).
Can I add my bio bizz root jucie and bio haven with the Dutch Pro? Or i need a New nutes set?
I know I need some cal mag. Do i need somethings else important?

Pics off My First


The plant over all looks good to me
Autos do yield less then photos FYI
1-3 ounce harvest is normal with some getting better results after growing a few rins of same strain and dialing in the feesing schedule
From your pictures it looks to me as if tje buds will souble in size before harvest
Id say your doing a fine job for a first grow
And let me welcome you to the forum all helpful members here no questions is stupid lol


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 ,
its helpfull to know that Shes doing fine. I thought may be becuse i topped her to early she pre bloomed and stoped growing.
Very relaxing to know she may double her size before.
Meanwhile germinated onther two from the Ww and planeted them in the coco soil. hope to see a better results.


Sounds good if tou need anything tag me
I dint think ive ever had a auto flower taller then 24 inches myself @Neli


Your plant looks good. FYI one should just do some LST and never top an auto flower.

My advice if using coco is to pick a nutrient line and stick with their feeding schedule and stay on the lower end. Ph should be lower than 6.0. 5.5 to 5.8 will prevent lockouts. If your tap water is above 200 ppm you probably don’t need cal mag.

Tag me with the @ sign if you have questions. I’m a coco grower.


Thank you very much @Myfriendis410 about the good Info.
I will take it into consideration for my new coco grow That I planted today.



I top my autos @Myfriendis410 and @Neli just needs to been done early around week two is probably best week theee at latest or youll stress them and stunt growth
@garrigan65 did a whole thread on it a while back ill see if i can locate it And tag you
But i dint normally suggest it to a new grower since we have so much to learn when we first start
Crawl then walk :+1:
But looks like all worked out here


I should have been more clear lol! Thanks John!


Lol i understood you @Myfriendis410


Well I need to smoke a bowl so I can be completely incoherent hahaha! 3 hours on the 101 has me feeling like Ricochet Rabbit haha!


@Myfriendis410 Hahaha i taje a train into the city i dint miss the drive my friend dis that for 25 years
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Ive never been out your way but have heatd tne 101 can be a nightmare
I also used to drive tractor trailers lol
And my long haul friends would tell me stories hahhaha
And as many got older tne just refused loads heading out west ?
Hope the bowl helps my friend


This is when i toped her @Countryboyjvd1971 .
I tought i made a mistake but good to hear that i did not.


Excellent opening line @Neli

Welcome to the ILGM Forums!


If you go to all coco or coco + perlite, you need to be aware that it holds zero nutrients, unlike soil. Everything the plant needs, you have to supply, and do it often. Some growers feed every other watering. Some do it every time.


I washed the coco with some calmag+ root juice + grow nutrients before seeding.They pooped up yesterday.Now I am feeding it with some calmag and juice root every day when i water. I think i will start to add the nutrients to the water in a week. @1BigFella


You’ve got it! I live in Southern California and get Colorado River water. So there’s plenty of Calcium and Magnesium in the tap water. Your mileage may vary. You can usually get a report from your local water company to see what’s in it, to see if the calmag is necessary. Of course if you use RO, distilled water, or collect rain water it is needed for sure.


Adding some dolomite lime can help buffer ph some if you run into ph issues. I usually grow in soil and add about two tbsp per gallon of pot size before I make final transplant. Due to the nature of coco, it can be even a bigger help there.

I agree that if your tap tds is high enough, you don’t really need to add the calmag. Too much can be an issue too.


I think the lime is great for soil, but it would wash right out of coco. Coco is essentially an inert hydroponic medium. You could add a bit of lime in every feeding but I think calmag solutions have the amounts figured out and include magnesium, so you are probably better off with them.

My first hydroponic grow was over 40 years ago! There was no information, no nutes, no seed banks, no nothing. Had to use Mexican bag weed seeds and get my generic hydro reagents from the lab supply store. Sand, multiple shop lights, and a little fountain pump on a timer, but it actually worked!


I believe the proper method in coco is to top dress with the lime. But I don’t use it, so I’m not entirely sure. I do know people use it successfully though.


That makes sense: Every time you water and feed a little bit of the lime would dissolve into the solution and get carried down to the roots.