Nutrients Help with Advanced PH

how do I use these? Lol I’m on day 19 and I’m not sure how or when and i was adviced by a lot that these are great nutrients. So I have a 1.25 ml measure spoon thing but I dunno. I just don’t wanna kill my baby lol


If you’re using hot soil, don’t feed for several weeks. I’ve found that I also need to flush my soil before bloom, or else risk too many nute salts building up & doing a number during early bloom.

Also, your temp, 91, is waaaay too hot.

In soil, start out at 1/4 of recommended dosage, per AN. Then go ahead & work up to 1/2 dose. Honestly, with hot soil, I’ve found myself using only the micro for most of the veg phase. I also use Voodoo & B52 during that time.

I’ve decided to try Earth Juice, after 4 grows with AN mgb. I think I understand organics a bit more than chemicals. However, AN is a good line.

Oh, and even with the pH perfect, you should still check pH input/output regularly.

I finally bought an EC meter, and it’s really helped me dial my feeding in.


start with Micro then add Grow then finally the Bloom…using less than recommended to start…and there’s usually a pattern to feedings, like feed your plants when dry, then next time they need water, give them plain pH’ed water, then water again, then repeat, feed, water, water, feed, water, water, etc…and if the plants need more food you can try a feed, water, feed, water pattern.

tell us what type soil they are in… @blackthumbbetty raises a good point if the soil has fertilizer in it already they may not need a feeding by you…in fact, the leaves look a dark enough green with the tips curling down a little, maybe a sign of too much Nitrogen…have you fed them?

If you haven’t already…you should start a grow journal with all the details about your garden…lights, size of grow area, potting soil used, temperature and humidity, ppm feeding readings :wink:



I see that you made it over to ILGM Awesome And Welcome my friend.
There is a lot of nice members here ready and willing to help.
I posted over at Grasscity . But I’ll repost it for you as well…

OK Your going to like these nutrients. I have them and I like those very much even though I don’t use nutrients any more.
For your plants wait till they have 5 to 6 true sets of leafs…OK
What I do before I start my girls on nutrients I’ll transplant then to there final home using only Hydrogen Peroxide one or two cap fulls and 2 mil of Liquide Thrive and 2 mil of Root Stimulant, this helps the plants that are transplanted to recover without going into shock.
Then after they have recovered and you’ll know then start them on a 1/2 dose of ( MICRO ONLY ) AND SLOWLY KEED ADDING MORE TO EACH FEEDING TILL YOU GET TO FULL DOSE. FOR THE FIRST COUPLE OF FEEDINGS AND THEN ADD THE ) GROW ) AT HALF DOSE like you did with grow. DON’T USE THE (BLOOM ) until you flip to 12/12

That’s pretty much it. Let me know how they do



Here a calculator i found on the company’s web site
Hope it helps
Happy growing and welcome @psychEDM
You’ve already met a few of the great members we have
And have gotten some good advice already


I’m using the same @psychEDM. Advanced Nutrients has an app you can download to your phone,, it has helped me out. I’m no expert by far. I just started growing inside. Outside started to get a little complicated for me. But any ways, i hope this helps. Bunch of good peoples here to help you on your journey! HAPPY GROWING!!

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@psychEDM here is how i measure mine out.

. Remember 1lt=1000ml.


Okay. So I bought a gallon of purified water. Added 1.25 ml of Micro AN. So what would be the best time or way or if I should even give it to her. She’s on officially week 3 today. I’m using Natures Organic Potting soil which I know isn’t good. I know. But I tried to get the most organic I could. Hopefully I can save her. But any advice will help. I really am not worried about if the yeild isn’t good on the girl. I just wanna have a successful growth. I will buy FoxFarms next grow.


@psychEDM my girls are in the same soil plus a little perlite. I downloaded the BudLabs app from Advanced Nutrients I mentioned earlier, followed their feeding and dosing schedule. I feed then when they are dry I water. I switch off feeding every other time they need fluids. Here is one of my girls at 30 days today.

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I’m not really sure how to set up the weeks. I’m on week 3 right now. It’s on a 16 day 8 night. I’ve only got on measurement spoon and it’s 1.25 ml unfortunately. I’ll be getting a new one probably soon. But I was told I have Nitrogen Toxicity so I dunno if I should feed her or not. I was also wondering if it would be okay to start teasing now. Or if it’s too soon lol. Thanks.

She doesn’t look like she’s hungry. If you do feed her, go with .5 to 1ml micro per liter of h20, to start.

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Is this okay?! There’s super light green/yellow forming in the middle. And I dunno. I hope it’s normal. But lemme know.

P.S SHES GETTING HUGE. Leafs are now the size of my hand. Trying to get her taller atm. Have been moving the lights up everyday. Lol

Good morning @psychEDM. been a few days. just checking on your grow. How is your baby girl coming along? I got ahold of Advanced Nutrients and they told me that they suggest to check the fertilizer amount in the bag and let it get used up before you feed. Then start feeding according to the nute calculator. Use mix every watering. They weren’t very clear on setting up the weeks though. I set my weeks up by reading in this group that usually 2 weeks after the sprout, veg should begin and a couple days after multiple white hairs show, begins flower. What are your opinions on that @Countryboyjvd1971, @blackthumbbetty, Your plant looks good!! here are a couple pics of my girls. WWA at 47 days from sprout.

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I use promix Bx and theres no nutrients in it
But if you have a hot soil yes i would do exactly what they suggested and allow the plant to use nutrients in soil and once they do use it up start feeding
With hot soils you normally have enough nutrients in them to get threw veg in most cases @JimDandy
What soil line tou using

@Countryboyjvd1971, I was trying to help @psychEDM with his dilemma of how to use the AN PH Perfect nutes. we are both using Natures Organic Potting soil. Its a MG product.


Ok @JimDandy nothing wrong there
I aware of the soil never used it myself
I have grown in organic potting soil and have not feed them until flower or just before
And i would follow the mfg recommendations bro
@psychEDM the newer growth will always be lighter then the rest of the plant and will darken up after a few day
The plants look healthy to me


After 5 grows using hot soil & an nutrients, I highly suggest you start with only the micro at around week 4 or 5, and then only at a quarter dose. This quarter dose is actually recommended by an. If you write to them, they respond w/in a day or 2. After having issues, I wrote to them, and they kindly pointed out my soil was hot, so I probably didn’t need to feed, unless I saw deficiencies, but if I do feed, start at a 1/4 dose & move up.

The micro, in the 3 part, has npk, as well as your micronutrients. The npk is significantly less than what’s in the grow & bloom, though. I have an amnesia haze, 6wks into bloom, who was only fed micro & b-52 until 4 weeks ago; now she gets bloom, big bud, nirvana, and 2 non npk supplements from other companies (microblast from earth juice & persephone’s palate from nftg), at only 1.2 ec, which is a bit low for this stage, but it’s plenty for her.

Oh, that am haze was the 7th plant in my last grow. I ended-up scrapping 5 plants due to severe nute lock-out caused by hot soil & feeding too heavily. The amhaze, though, was treated very delicately, b/c I had read that they were a little picky. She showed me she was unhappy after trying to feed her like the others when she was younger; the other plants ate it up w/o complaint until the 2nd week in bloom, when they went from beautiful to yellow/brown skin & bones in a week. A week! I saved one plant from that group, and of course my am haze, as well.

This grow, I’m doing autos. I have 6 going. I had to do an er flush at 2 weeks b/c my soil ec was very high. I gave a light, light feed a week later, and the wwxbb is showing nute burn. The others are not. I think it’s b/c the wwxbb is in a bigger pot, so probably had more nutes to flush out. I probably will only give her microblast & persephone’s palate, if anything, for a week or 2. Then, since she’ll be in week 3 of bloom, by then, I’ll start big bud & nirvana, and maybe a small dose of bloom. Maybe.

I am adding flushing to my grow routine, from here on out, especially a week before the transition from grow to bloom. I’m also not using hot soil anymore, after this grow, unless I go fully organic.

I’m not an expert. I’m only recounting my personal experience.


Thanx @Countryboyjvd1971 and @blackthumbbetty for your input. I’m no expert either. Been growing outside for a few years though. this is my first indoor grow using bottled nutes. Still learning indoor growing myself. I’m just trying to help a brother out!


:+1: Those are some purdy girls right there!!

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That’s one plant, in scrog!