Anyone have any suggestions on nut regimine?


What are you asking , a feeding schedule are a certain brand of nutrients you can used to grow with ?


Feeding schedule


Lot of times listed n bottle - any way - feed nutrient 3x’ a week;
feed- water-feed-water- feed - dry- dry

feed -dry feed water- dry - feed - dry

You will find one that works for you and it is important to give the plant some dry times + water times to prevent “nutrient-lock-out” in a 7 day period


If you just search the forum, you’ll find a thread posted by a member that literally has EVERY feeding schedule posted. Check it out, I’m sure it will help! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Are they done weekly?


Yes; a 7 day period - but as mentioned by “Ktreez420” this site has feeding schedules - remember once in flower you need different nutrients and even might change thigs n up a bit for "bloom boosters, and sweeteners, ect if youn use them


Oh this just changed everything for me. Thanks. I was doing it at random and this probably why I have a nut deficiency.


When you get to bloom booster and flower nutrient it can be difficult to understand also veg nutrients and things s like cal-mag should be used i veg along with your base nutrients. ALL ways glad to help - this site has some very good basic information on cultivation


A Can you guys help me find a solution? I thinks anywhere between N deficiency or to much?

5g pot
Organic fertilizer
1 1/2 month before flower
LED 300 watt, 4000 lumen

The “bleaching” or “discoloration” is what I’m concerned with.


Your plant will be fine - has a bit if time before bloom stage (45 days - just water for 3 days .Type of nutrient’s suing"?


GH veg Nutes but should I use half a cup or a whole cup when I water for those 3 consecutive days?