Nutrients for seedlings

When adding seedlings after the true leaves are formed.i always use 1/2 strength,but for some reason my Bruce banner autos are struggling!!I’ve never had this happen to me before any comments.

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Best to start at 1/4 strength and slowly step it up. If you are using brand new FFOF soil, you don’t need nutrients for around 6 weeks.

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Thanks ol buddy I’ll try that the only thing that is going on is the big fan leaves are drawn on the edges.

Seedlings don’t need nutrients at all until the little round leaves are gone. As @MrPeat said, if you are using a prepared soil such as a Fox Farms product, you won’t need to add nutrients until at least 4 weeks from your last transplant.

If you are seeing symptoms on your plant such as browning leaf edges, then it is probably nute burn. Have any photos of it? Lots of great growers here to help you.

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Depends on the medium you are using.
If coco will need to sooner than if in say Fox farms soils etc.
What medium are you using?

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I wish I could use fox farm’s but where I live it’s not available so I have to. Make my own soil .can’t even find bat guano…lol

just the lower leaves

here’s the 3 little ones

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I am using outer/lower layer ffof and internal pocket of ffhf. Had some what appeared to be nute burn in the beginning, not sure when to start nutes. They are 3 weeks now, new growth looks good.

If its brand new soil, 4 to 6 weeks after breaking surface. FFOF is really hot for new seeds.

So what I did was I put ocean forest in the bottom but I dug a big well and pushed it up to the sides I filled it in with Happy Frog for the center so that way they wouldn’t go into shock because I grew the seedlings in Happy Frog I already have five finger leaves on them so I wasn’t quite sure how long I wait before I do my Cal mag or whatever
I figured if I put Happy Frog in the middle and let the roots gradually grow through that into the ocean Forest they adapt a little bit better instead of having Nute Burn shock