Nutrients for my plants

I just bought the Bergmans fertilizer, and according to the chart it shows, that every week it gets fertilizer. Has anyone used this and fertilized their plants every week with this? :sunglasses:


I have seen many posts from growers using them. Im sure the suggested feeding schedule if fine.
If you are in a soil with some nutrients already you may not need to feed right away.
Have you grown before?

Ok, I just read some of your other posts. You do great.
Maybe just search for “Bergmans Fertilizer” on the forum and check out some info.
I think most who have used it move on to different nutes. Not because of any inferior results, but because other lines are easier to get. And a lot of nutes like Jacks are less expensive.


A runoff PPM of ~1,000 should be maintained regardless of what nute product you are using.


,I have a Ph METER AND TDS meter but don’t know how to use it yet. When my plants go outside in 20 gallon cloth grow pots there is no runoff. the pots soak it up .

I just bought 3 sets of Bergmans fertilizer. Usually when they go outside in grow pots and get big, they usually take 2 gallons of water or 4 gallons. Bergmans’s fertilizer said 1 tsp. per gallon of water once a week, and I always fertilized every 2 weeks in the past, with other fertilizer. I don’t want to burn my plants. Maybe what you are saying that Bergmans’s fertilizer isn’t that strong. I have burnt my plants before when I used miracle grow. Thanks for your info. I will be posting on how it is going, :sunglasses: :sunglasses: and I don’t like it I will do Jacks next year.

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I wouldn’t use that.
I think you’ll get better results with the cannabis nutrient mix. I always feed mine once a week and if runoff ppm is low I may add some during the week. Since you are outside in large pots increase your does based on your amount of water each watering.
How often do you water?? If more than twice a week I’d just add water on your third watering. If your in a very hot and dry climate you may need more water at times.

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I used Bergmans for my first grow last year. I got pretty good results for the first crop. I followed the schedule starting when the first two leaves yellowed and fell off.

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