Nutrients for Flowering

Remo nutrients , Nectar Of Gods , are New Millineium , Humbolt Secrets are Dutch Masters !!!

In the interim I have flushed the system with plain water until I can discover the best mix of nutrients. I understand there are a lot of good ready made fertilisers out there, but I was really wanting to know specifics such as chemical compounds and amounts of each. Thanks

I believe @Aquaponic_Dumme may be able to help you with that… :wink:
Good luck with your grow…
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@latewood is an expert as well. He’s pretty busy though but maybe he’ll pop in.


Thank you very much for the information, this is very helpful! :slight_smile: Are these now the correct ratios for the flowering stage?

My plants are from Bergman’s seeds and I think we are using Bergman’s recommended nutrient balance for the growth stage. It appears to be a bit too strong for flowering however. I’lll find my current formula and post that too.

I’m keeping the garden fairly well dowsed with pyrethrum for pest control and hoping to go at least another 5 weeks, with the last week or so back to plain water to flush it all out. So far so good, other than a few wee burnt leaf tips. :slight_smile:

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If you have told us before im sorry for the question but whats your pH

It might be pertinent to fill out a full support ticket, and a few pictures, if you feel you have a problem with nitrates.

Those numbers I posted are ranged specifically for my aquaponics soil-aero garden.

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile:


A list of what you have would be a great start. I believe you said you had the chemicals. I just need to know what you have.

You said " and mix all our own chemicals from scratch for the big water drum. " and " . We have a good supply of individual chemicals I just need to know which ones in what amounts are best for flowering outside in the sun."


Here is the breakdown of what I am using now. The pH is between 5.5 and 6.5. The supply is from a 200L drum:

Nutr.		mg/L(ppm)	total g/200L
N		196		39.2
P		31		6.2
K		279		55.8
S		333		66.6

Ca		160		32
Mg		75		15
Mn		1		0.2
Fe		5		1
Cu		0.2		0.04
Zn		0.2		0.04
B		1		0.2
Mo		0.1		0.02

The nutrients are sourced as follows:

N	urea
P	solid diammonium phosphate
K	potassium sulphate (K2SO4)
S	from the other sources, no shortage
Ca	calcium chloride
Mg	epsom salts magnesium sulfate (MgSO4)
Mn	from Manutec (brand) Mn Zn
Cu	copper sulphate
Fe	iron chelate
Zn	from Manutec (brand) Mn Zn
B	as borax
Mo	ammonium molybdate

There are also of course trace minerals such as copper in the soil, which is I think one of the advantages of our hybrid soil/hydroponics system. This is large pots of soil watered from the top (with valve) which drain into a large hydro tray of perlite and back into a 200 L drum. The watering occurs every 2 hours on a timer.

I don’t think the problem is bad enough to submit a ticket and as I mentioned I emptied the tank and went back with plain water for now. I had a few leaves yellowing and several with brown leaf tips from the edges which looked like classic nutrient burn.

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So you’re watering pots that are full of soil every 2 hours and you haven’t had any bad conditions from doing this… hmmmm


Actually no. This is the second year using this method and both times the plants have grown beautifully. Last year’s crop was a Humboldt seed strain and did not have the nutrient problem, although it did have a pest problem that I was able to manage until harvest.

Just noticing you phosphates are quite low. Are you flowering in this mix?

Yes they have been flowering for about 3 1/2 weeks so far

What are you using to test?

sorry? using a conductivity metre and pH metre, as I assume everone does lol

Sorry I was thinking the formula came from here, but this mix was actually derived from Hoagland’s standard for hydroponics (1952)

Also found a thread here that has some good ratios

Be careful testing your measurements with using EC as some salts have higher EC then others, when comparing by mass or volume. EC is a measurement of electrical conductivity, and not an actual measurement of ppm, and is much more suited for measuring overall strength of nutrients in mixes, and not individual nutrients. I fear your readings are off. I use a combination of different colourimeters and spectrometers, along with simply colour test kits, to read actual ppms and ppbs.

Thank you for the tip Dumme :slight_smile: I know that urea has no conductivity but still has solid parts, but yes, the EC metre is what we are using just to test the overall strength of the entire mix, not the individual nutrients. That measurement comes strictly from keeping track of what amounts we have added over time.

For now I am thinking to try the 3-10-10 mix as recommended in the link I quoted. I have some really nice buds developing so If I can just keep everything growing a few more weeks I’ll be happy! :smiley:


For anyone interested this is what I came up with for my final solution :slight_smile: It only has to work another 3 or 4 weeks and then it’s back to plain water until harvest.

Thanks for all the suggestions they have been very helpful. :slight_smile:

Element		Hoagland mean	Salt			Concn. Element
		PPM mg/L				PPM mg/L
N		196		Di-ammonium Phosphate	28
P		31 total	Di-ammonium Phosphate	31
P		31 total	Pot. Phosphate KH2P04	31 total P 62
K		279 total	Pot. Sulfate		240
K		279 total	Pot. Phosphate KH2PO4	39 total K 279
S		333		Pot. Sulfate Mg Sulfate	195
Ca		160		CaCl2			160
Mg		75		MgSO4 7H20		75
Mn		1.0					1.0
Fe		5.0					5.0
Cu		0.2					out of stock
Zn		0.2					0.2
B		1.0					1.0
Mo		0.10					0.1

Total N	28
Total P	62
Total K	279