Nutrients for beginners

can anyone tell me what nutrients I should use. I’m new with a few seedlings going and a few more seeds on the way. It’s all autoflower. I’m using the happy frog&ocean dirt stuff, y’all know the shit. Is miracle grow any good?


Definitely not. MG often results in nute burn due to the time release nuggets they put in it. MG also often leads to pH problems. I would stick with Happy Frog.

Many of us use the Fox Farm trio of nutrients, but Jack’s is quite popular with the growers here too. I use FF.


You have 4 to 6 weeks with those soils before you need to worry about feeding.
I use Jacks 321 formula. Its easy.
Many choices tho if you read through some threads.
Here is one that may help…


Miracle grow is not good.

Jacks is the most cost effective. It cost a bit to order, then you have 25 pounds of part A and B. The last part is Epsom’s Salt.

I also use General Hydroponics Flura Trio.

Greengene’s Garden is a great source of information. (He makes a lot of appearances here on the forum): He explains not only what to use but why to use.

So I used the HF&some FF. so are you saying since I used good soil that I don’t need to add nutrients. My little seedlings look healthy, just slow as hayell. Thought I might needed to add. So I just need to add patience? Lol

Correct. When in a good cannabis soil like a Fox Farm product, you won’t need to add nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant. Note that OF has more nutrients in it than HF and can last a couple of more weeks without feeding. They are both great soils.

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Order you some supersoil or make you some add it to the bottom third of the pot then fill it to the top with a good premium potting soil. Then simply water that’s all that’s needed really with autos. I add a touch of Nirvana in my waterings and a touch of Cal Mag at beginning of flower that’s it.

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Is that expensive? I’m pretty deep in this already. They just seem so dam slow.

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Ha, good things come to those who wait or so I’m told. No actually u can make your own supersoil, look up Subcools super soil recipe. If money is tight just use any good “organic” potting soil u can find and blend in a few spoonfuls of an organic fertilizer like a 4 4 4

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Yeah ! don’t rush it the seedlings are throwing down some Roots , before you see a lot of foliage. They will take off you’ll be surprised .