Nutrients for autos

So in theory, with good genetics they should start to flower week 6 ish ?

I would say by day 30 you should see pistils and 10 or so days after that buds set.

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Thank you much.

I’ve run 3 white widow autos from ilgm they all transitioned to flowering over approximately a two week period starting at around 4 weeks old from planting. So 4 weeks of full veg growth and 2 more weeks of seeing pistil hairs then by week 6 you start seeing full-fledged flowers.

First plant was an indoor grow. The ones I’m growing now I’m using something called an octopot for one and the other was planted directly into heavily-amended AZ soil.

The plant that resides in the octopot has been fed the “medium feed” schedule from the gh flora series + cal mag

The dirt plant has only been fed organic goodies. Alfalfa meal/pellets. Since she started flowering I’ve given her “texas tomato liquid fertilizer” by urban farms at 1tbsp/gallon every other feeding.

This one is about a week behind the other one.

In theory they should show signs of pistils by week 4,thats 30 days of veg and that’s lots when you factor in a two week stretch after that.

What do you guys know about this special auto flower mix I found on Amazon…seems to have pretty good reviews. I guess you just mix it with the soil you intend to use and apparently, never need to add any nutes for the life of the plant. It’s all natural.

Think it works? Autoflower Living Soil Concentrate for Super Soil

You have directed me to have a look myself…I wasn’t going to add anything to my first grow…but I also want tasty buds to grow on mass…so i shall also look out for anyone giving any thumbs up to stuff
(I wouldn’t know what to buy…i was.going to keep it really.simple.).

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This is super helpful!! thank you!


It looks easy and I’m excited to try it. It comes today and I’m going to start a seed this weekend. :slight_smile:

Last grow I used the Flora series nutes. No issues but what a pain having to measure it out every other watering. Not sure if you’re using too much, too little, etc.

No such thing as auto flower soil.

Soil is complicated but the thing you want to know is how hot/rich is it? We can tell this by using a tds meter.
You can make your own mix with some compost, some coco or peat, and perlite.
Many many brands out there buy a bunch of local brands and do a tds sample. Find the one you like the most that is nice and rich, add 30% perlite or vermiculite and find a lighter soil to start your plants for the first week or two.

I recommend coco over soil.
Unless your in large large pots you will be feeding nutrients anyways, and your yeilds with coco is double or more.

In a 5 gallon pot with the best soil you’ll get about 4 weeks maybe 5 before you need to start feeding nutrients anyways.
Feeding with coco is much easier as well, with soil you have to do math on every plant individually and find out whats left in the soil before you feed or you could over feed and torch the plant.
With coco you can just feed them all the same and much less math.
Soils less investment up front but you’ll need to invest in nutrients eventually.

Watering plants is also a fair amount of work because you need to water, clean up run off, test it, etc.
That’s why I recommend autopots and coco.
Feed everyone the same feed, no run off, fill up a tank once a week and good to go.
Also much better on the environment due to no waste. Also bigger yeilds.
Check out my guide.

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