Nutrients for Aussies

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here is an Aussie (or if you know anyone who is could you please tag them?)

I’ve been scouring the shops (mainly Bunnings) for nutrients that roughly match the N-P-K levels recommended for the various stages of the life cycle and can’t find anything remotely close!

I’ve bought some Seasol liquid fertiliser N 12%: P 1.4%: K 7% and some extra granular (couldn’t find liquid) Phosphorus to try to bring the ratio up but I’d really love to just be able to buy something with the ratios similar to the premade fertilisers that ILGM sell.

What products have other Aussies found that works well?

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The canna range of nutrients have worked well for me and you can get them at Bunnings or for a little less at eBay.

Here is my grow journal.

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A friend of mine awhile back sent me this link so I could check out the nutes he was using. I don’t know if this will help but figured I’d share it since you asked for Aussies he lives in New South Wales and he buys from them. Good luck

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Thanks very much guys. I’ll check both of these out. I’m not doing hydro though so not sure if this stuff will suit?

I wasn’t necessarily suggesting the product but the site, my buddy shops on there so I knew they ship to Aussie

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